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Hail the King Chapter 507.1

Chapter 507: Instant Kill (Part One)

To Fei, Sun-Class Lords were legendary figures. There were too many cultivators in this world, but most of them never got to meet a Sun-Class Lord. On Azeroth Continent, cultivators of that level represented mystery, power, invincibility, and unparalleled honor. The King always wanted to become a Sun-Class Lord, and he finally got to see one with his own eyes.

It was heard that the reason why Sun-Class Lords were invincible was that they had more control over natural law and could have a Sun Anomaly, let alone more Warrior or Magic Energy.

Sun Anomaly.

Sun Anomalies were Small Worlds that were created by Sun-Class Elites. After the powerful masters understood the natural laws in the world, they were able to bend it and create a battleground that was more advantageous to themselves. Since Sun Anomalies were the worlds that they created, they were almost invincible in there when fighting against opponents who were close to their levels! The only way that someone who could defeat them was to break through the Sun Anomalies, and that required a lot more power.

It would be a disaster for a master to be pulled into the Sun Anomalies of his or her opponent!

No one expected that this white-robed mage was a Sun-Class Lord, so they were pulled into the Sun Anomaly of this mage easily! One misstep was going to cause them their lives!

Since this man was a fire-elemental mage, lava and fire-elemental energies filled his Small World. The heat was everywhere, and it was a perfect place for a fire-elemental mage to battle in!

“Damn! Kill this kid if you want! Why do you have to pull me into this place as well?” the huge bald Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven growled. If he were stronger than this mage, this tyrant would have attacked already!

“Hahaha! What a stupid question! Do I need to have a reason to kill? This is the first time that I used my Sun Anomaly [World of Burning Flames], and I need the lives of powerful masters to sacrifice so it could get more powerful! You are pretty strong, so you are perfect! Hahaha……”

This mage didn’t care about the Emperor of Eindhoven at all! As he spoke with dominance, he waved the black wand that was made from lava in his hand. The lava giant under his feet reacted to his command, and its roars sounded like thunders. The flames on its body burned more violently, and it waved his fist that was more than ten cubic meters at Kromkamp! People around the Emperor of Eindhoven instantly felt like a mountain was falling onto them.

“Damn it!”

Kromkamp was enraged, and green-greyish Warrior Energy Flames appeared on him.

Dodging this attack wasn’t even on his mind! He swung his fists and attacked this lava giant head-on!


The three fists met, and the entire [World of Burning Flames] shook violently.

Flames flew into the sky, and rocks fell onto the ground like meteors! Black poisonous gas started to appear, and the mountain began to shake. However, despite all this, Kromkamp was able to penetrate through the huge rock fist of the lava giant!

“Haha! The so-called Sun Anomaly is so-so……” the Emperor of Eindhoven laughed after seeing that he was successful, and he shouted, “Explode!”

With the green-greyish Warrior Energy Flames around him, his power got stronger and stronger. He was planning to use his Warrior Energy to destroy this arm of the lava giant.

It was evident that the small success he had boosted his confidence, and the other masters such as Fei and Jessie also thought that this Sun Anomaly wasn’t that great. If this was all the power that this Sun Anomaly had, then it wasn’t life-threatening to everyone here.

“Hahaha! Do you want to break through it? Can you?” the mage laughed arrogantly.

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