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Hail the King Chapter 507.2

Chapter 507: Instant Kill (Part Two)

As Kromkamp’s top-tier Full Moon Level Warrior Energy exploded, it felt like it only created some bubbles in the water. The palm of this lava giant softened and turned into lava. Although sparks appeared, it wasn’t broken! Then, the unlimited amount of lava started to crawl up its body and strengthened its hand and arm. Before the Emperor of Eindhoven could react, he got grasped into this lava giant palm like a chicken.

“Oh no!!!!!” Kromkamp’s face paled.

He sensed the danger, and this three-meter tall man struggled to get free. As his Warrior Energy burned and tried to block the heated lava and flames, he tried to get out of the terrible situation. However, the strength difference between him and the white-robed mage was too much, and his efforts were pathetic. Lava kept on flowing into this lava giant’s hand, and its hand turned into a huge lava sphere and enveloped Kromkamp.

Soon, the Emperor of Eindhoven stopped screaming and struggling, and the shaking lava sphere slowly quieted down.

Obviously, this tyrant was probably dead; he was burned alive in this lava sphere. His corpse probably even turned into a liquid…… This scene shocked everyone.

A top-tier Full Moon Elite was killed like a chicken?


The lava sphere was thrown into the sea of lava, and some lava were spilled onto the mountain.

This scared almost everyone in the Sun Anomaly. This white-robed mage was dominating and powerful; he was pretty much invincible among them. After seeing how this mage easily killed the Emperor of Eindhoven, they felt like their dooms were near. Even if they join forces, they might not even win.

The shadow of death enveloped them all.

“Hahaha! King Alexander of Chambord! Do you still think that I don’t dare to kill you?” with everything on his side, this mage laughed and looked at Fei like a clown as he stood on the head of the lava giant. He was waiting for Fei to kneel and beg for his life.

“Ok, Old B*stard! I have to agree that you have big balls! You even dare to kill the members of the Holy Church! However, having the balls to do it is different from having the ability to do it!” Fei replied with a calm smile on his face.

“Hahahah! You are like a bug! You are about to die, and you are still trying to win these word fights? I have to pity you. Too bad that you decided to stand on the side of the Holy Church, and you betray the Zenit Empire that gave you the platform and opportunity to grow. You betrayed Emperor Yassin and is a shameless b*tch! Why are you so proud?” Fei’s calm attitude enraged this mage and killing Fei wouldn’t satisfy him. He was trying to make Fei mad as well.

“Betray? Funny! When did I betray the Zenit Empire?” As if he heard the most ridiculous joke, Fei laughed and mocked, “After getting crowned as the king, I have never done anything that harmed the Zenit Empire, and I will never do it in the future as well. Although the relationship between the Zenit Empire and the Holy Church is more intense now, they aren’t in a death battle. I am endowed with the golden Holy Power, and that means the God loves me! It is beneficial for the empire! Haha! Old man, tell that to someone else! Do you think your words are going to affect my mental state and warrior confidence? Idiot!” Fei answered directly without any shame.

After getting taught and cared by Martial Saint Krasic, Fei promised himself that he could protect the territory of Zenit in his lifetime, and he never considered taking over once he was powerful enough. Therefore, when he answered, his presence and aura silenced this mysterious mage.

Not too far away from Fei, the blue-haired mid-aged man was a little surprised. As if he understood something, a gentle smile appeared on his face, and he lightly nodded. No one knew what he was thinking about.

However, this white-robed mage was enraged. He didn’t know why this youngster made him so mad with a few sentences, but the murderous spirit was getting stronger and stronger! He couldn’t hold himself back anymore!

“Doesn’t matter! You have to die today! But before that, I will kill everyone here and torture you next! Then, I will kill anyone who is connected to you and destroy the Zenit Empire!”

This mage shouted, and the lava in the [World of Burning Flames] became more violent. As a Sun-Class Lord, he was qualified to make such statements. After all, he did have the ability to destroy a level 1 empire.

“Destroy the Zenit Empire? Domenech, what if I don’t agree?”

Suddenly, a calm voice sounded and interrupted the white-robed mage.

It wasn’t Fei!

P.S. Who do you think this person is?

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  1. Wkwkland

    Obviously it’s the blue haired mid aged man?

  2. Rhydec

    Yassen is who I am guessing.
    Or maybe someone who is close to him.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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    It’s pickachoo. Get chu

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    I think its one of you guys translating tbh

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    It was at this moment Domenech knew, he f*cked up.

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    The mage who protected dual flag city

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    In a sense Krasic protects the Zenit Empire even now through his bond with Alexander.

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