Chapter 508: Inferior to No One! (Part One)

This voice was calm and gentle; it didn’t seem pressing at all. However, it was able to completely obliterate the presence that was built up by this white-robed mage and make others feel safe.

Everyone turned their heads and saw the blue-haired mid-aged man who hadn’t said anything since he was pulled into the [World of Burning Flames].

He casually walked up and stood in front of the lava giant without fear, and it seemed like a huge mountain had completely blocked its path.

“Mr. Domenech, we finally met again. It has been 26 years, and I have been thinking about you!”

“Domenech? This mage is Domenech?” after this mage got identified by this blue-haired mid-aged man, a few masters were instantly surprised. They have heard of this name before! Domenech was the No.1 Royal Mage of the level 6 Leon Empire, and he was a famous master within a few million miles of the Leon Empire. It was heard that he had won all ten battles that he was engaged in during a competition in the Mage Union, and he quickly rose into fame. He was arrogant and vicious, and it felt like he was going to become the No.1 Mage in the region. However, for some reason, he suddenly disappeared from the public eye more than 20 years ago unexpectedly.

The masters who heard stories about Domenech never thought that they would see this famous mage after more than 20 years! Just like how it was rumored to be, this genius mage was still arrogant and vicious. The only difference was that Domenech was a peak Full Moon Elite, and he had finally taken the leap of faith and succeeded! He was now a mighty Sun-Class Lord who obtained the ultimate technique, Sun Anomaly!

“But who is this blue-haired mid-aged man? Why is he so calm and collected? From the sound of it, it seems like he is an emperor as well, and he and this Domenech have grudges against each other……” the masters who knew about Domenech thought, “It is known that there is only one emperor who had deep conflicts with Domenech…… But that man shouldn’t be here!”

The masters who were standing on the only mountain in this [World of Burning Flame] were disturbed, and they weren’t sure of what was going on. Hazel Bank didn’t move, but he used a unique technique and sent his voice into Fei’s ears. After some explanations, Fei’s confused expression gradually disappeared.

The white-robed mage Domenech who was standing on the head of the lava giant was surprised, and his pupil contracted instantly.

After hearing what the blue-haired mid-aged man said, he suddenly thought of something. However, he shook his head and replied, “How do you know who I am? 26 years ago? You are…… No! Impossible! How is this possible?!” as if he thought of something unimaginable, vicious lights appeared in his eyes, and he laughed, “Hahaha! It doesn’t matter who you are! How dare you try to trick me? Humph! Die!”

As he said that, he waved the magic wand.

The lava giant instantly got the command, and it opened its mouth and roared. As the orange flames in its eye sockets got brighter, a dash of heat wave shot out of its mouth. The temperature in the surrounding areas doubled, and the lava giant swung its massive fist at this blue-haired mid-aged man.

It was this terrifying strike that killed the peak Full Moon Elite Kromkamp!

Out of everyone in this Small World, even Crown Prince Girano of St. Germain didn’t dare to battle this lava giant head-on despite having the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon.

However, this blue-haired mid-aged man only smiled.

He didn’t do much except for reaching out his palm. His movement was so smooth that it looked like he was painting a picture in the sky.

As he slowly moved his wrist, dashes of golden energies appeared on the tip of his fingers like sunshine. As if a painting brush was doing magic, the golden energies soon combined into a huge golden hand that was also about the size of ten cubic meters.

In the next moment, this huge golden hand moved! It stretched its fingers and grasped onto the lava giant’s fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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