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Hail the King Chapter 508.2

Chapter 508: Inferior to No One! (Part Two)

The two huge hands collided, and the forceful energy waves expanded and dispersed into the area. Then, a series of loud noises resonated in this Small World as if numerous volcanoes were erupting! Everyone’s ears were buzzing, and their mouths were drying.

“Hahaha! I’m the only god in my Sun Anomaly [World of Burning Flame]! Do you want to battle with me? That is stupid!” Domenech laughed.

As soon as he finished, the orange-red lava started to move as if it heard a command. The lava flowed onto this lava giant’s body, and this giant began to grow! Soon, it was 200 meters tall! Its size doubled, and its strength doubled as well. The terrifying aura gave the masters so much pressure that they started to short breath and could barely stand.

“You want to kill me with so little energy? It is far from enough!”

The blue-haired mid-aged man was still as calm as ever! As he smiled, he lightly clenched his hand into a fist. Then, a sharp and dangerous aura appeared on the golden hand in mid-air, and it also clenched forcefully.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Another series of explosions sounded.

As if a powerful machine gun shot at this lava giant that was more than 200 meters tall, many holes appeared on its body. In less than ten seconds, this lava giant was crushed completely! Like a collapsing sand sculpture, it was turned into the lava form and fell back down into the sea of lava.

As if he was injured severely, Domenech shouted as his face changed color. Then, he instantly dashed back for a few hundred meters.


A series of gasping noises sounded as the masters inhaled subconsciously.

“This man destroyed the lava giant with one blow?” they thought.

They thought that this blue-haired mid-aged man could only take a few more strikes compared to Kromkamp. After all, his opponent was a Sun-Class Lord! However, who knew that this more mysterious blue-haired mid-aged man was capable of easily killing the lava giant?

Now, everyone realized why the guards of this blue-haired mid-aged man were so calm and seemed like they weren’t going to help out. It was because that they had complete trust in their master’s strength.

“Could it be that this mysterious blue-haired mid-aged man is also a Sun-Class Lord?”

This guess made everyone feel dizzy. “Since when did Sun-Class Lords become so common? Why are there two already? Normally, Sun-Class Lords might only appear during the wars empires that were at least level 5!” they thought.

Fei had been watching this blue-haired mid-aged man for a while now, and what happened made him think of one person.

However, the King couldn’t be sure. After all, his hypothesis was too shocking.

“Ahahahaha! Who are you? Who the f*ck are you?” Domenech shouted as his body floated in mid-air. He still looked terrified as that golden hand even made him, a Sun-Class Lord, sense death!

“Who am I? Hahaha, don’t you already have a guess?” that blue-haired mid-aged man replied as he also levitated into the air. Golden Energy Flames flashed around him, and they were quite different from other people’s Energy Flames. His Energy Flames were radiating outward like dashes of sharp arrows that were being shot out! Anyone who looked at him would feel a pain in their eyes as if iron needles were stabbing them.

“No! Impossible! It couldn’t be you! Aren’t you dying?!” as if he thought of something terrifying, even Domenech who was a Sun-Class Lord was so scared that he couldn’t put a sentence together for a moment.

“Who the f*ck are you? Tell me! Although you defeated my lava giant, it doesn’t mean that you could defeat me! If you continue to act like a mysterious person, I will torture you to death!”

After Domenech said that, he started to chant a complicated spell as he waved his wand.

Loud booming noises sounded immediately.

A terrifying scene appeared! As the lava in this Small World rumbled, lava giants were created one after another. As they roared, heated orange flames appeared on their bodies, and they walked towards the only mountain in this space. Soon, 20 lava giants surrounded everyone.

The hope that everyone had after seeing the power of this blue-haired mid-aged man instantly disappeared. Inside a Sun Anomaly, its creator would be the god! Killing all of these lava giants was impossible!

“Who am I?” the blue-haired mid-aged man looked up at Domenech with a cold stare. As an unparalleled dominating aura appeared on his body, a sense of honor and nobleness filled the [World of Burning Flames].

“Yassin is inferior to no one!”

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