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Hail the King Chapter 509.1

Chapter 509: Emperor Yassin (Part One)

“Yassin is inferior to no one!”

After this blue-haired mid-aged man said that, everyone inside the [World of Burning Flame] felt like their heads were smashed something. Their minds turned blank, and a buzzing noise sounded.

Everyone knew what this phrase meant!

It represented a legend! A legend that was unique within millions of kilometers of the Zenit Empire! It also represented a name, an honor, a man, and an empire!

Emperor Yassin!

This blue-haired mid-aged man was the legendary and famous creator of the Zenit Empire, Andrew Yassin who went from the prince of an affiliated kingdom to the emperor of a level 1 empire.

Fei felt like something hammered his heart, and his heart started to race.

“This man…… Is he really Emperor Yassin? This…… This is unbelievable!” the King could not believe what he just heard. Everyone knew that Emperor Yassin was dying due to all of the injuries that he accumulated over the years, and it was just a matter of time for him to pass. Zenit’s mortal enemies including Spartax and its allies tried to use multiple ways to fact check this rumor, and they were sure that Emperor Yassin was in his final days.

However, why was Emperor Yassin in this place? He should be lying on his bed back in the Royal Palace of Zenit in St. Petersburg!

“Is he Emperor Yassin? That man who terrified a dozen empires around Zenit and brought peace to the citizens of Zenit?”

This was the King’s first time seeing this legendary emperor.

Even though this emperor made an appearance three month ago at the opening ceremony during the competition among the affiliated kingdoms, it was really quick, and a cloud of thick golden energy enveloped this emperor. Back then, Fei was only a peak Six-Star Warrior, and there was no way that he could see through the energy. However, he was still able to sense how powerful this emperor was. He knew that there was no way that he could fight against the emperor; even the slightest bit of energy released by the emperor made Fei feel like there was a mountain on his shoulders.

Even though Fei did not see this emperor’s face, he could sense the lethargy. He felt like this emperor was like a very ill elder who was about to die. Even though the energy of this emperor felt powerful, it felt less lively, and this fact was hard to cover. Everyone knew that this emperor had aged.

However, this blue-haired mid-aged man’s sensation was full of vitality and liveliness; it felt like this man was in his prime! There was nothing lethargic about him!

For a moment, it was absolutely silent in the [World of Burning Flame].

“You are Yassin? Impossible! Are you about to die?” Devastation appeared in Domenech’s green eyes, and his body started to shake as he shouted, “You got that injured back then! How could you recover so fast? About 20 years? You recovered in about 20 years? Even Emperor Juninho stated that your injuries couldn’t be healed! You are fake…… Fake!”

What Domenech said gave out a lot of information.

Emperor Juninho was the last emperor of the level 6 Leon Empire, and he was a mighty Sun-Class Lord. The Leon Empire was a powerful empire that was more than a million kilometers away from Zenit, and Zenit’s fast uprise due to the Yassin made many people believe that it was going to become the biggest threat to Leon Empire. However, since Emperor Yassin mysterious fell from where he was, the Zenit Empire also quickly weakened. Therefore, the Leon Empire was still the dominating force within four million kilometers of them, and it wasn’t challenged.

Many people felt sorry for Emperor Yassin and his Zenit and felt lucky for the Leon Empire. However, from what Domenech, the No.1 Mage in the Leon Empire, had said, it seemed like the Leon Empire was connected to the fell of Emperor Yassin.

Anger quickly appeared on this blue-haired mid-aged man’s face, but he soon calmed down. He laughed and replied, “Yeah! That strike almost killed me…… Now thinking back to it, it seems a little unbelievable. Who knew that Juninho, the emperor of a level 6 empire and a Sun-Class Lord, would ditch his honor and sneak-attack a low-tier Full Moon Warrior……”

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