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Hail the King Chapter 509.2

Chapter 509: Emperor Yassin (Part Two)

As his voice was filled with confidence and domination, he continued, “Even though you and Juninho planned out all the details and were vicious, you weren’t able to kill me on the spot. Hahaha! I got away! From that day on, you guys should expect what would happen today! I told you all that I will be back!”

After he said that, some changes started to appear on this blue-haired mid-aged man.

Everything about him started to change including his facial features, height, skin color, hair color, and temperament.

In just a few seconds, he turned into a completely different person.

Now, Fei believed that this man was the genius, Emperor Yassin!

After the transformation, he had long blonde hair that was fluttering in the wind. It looked like a cloud of fire but seemed to have the texture of metal. It added to his muscular figure, and he looked like an invincible god! There was a natural royal presence around him that was hard to copy, and he made everyone feel like kneeling and worshiping him even though he didn’t release any of his Warrior Energy. Like the sun, his presence overpowered everyone else’s.

Fei had an illusion; he felt like even if a real god was standing beside this man, the god wouldn’t be able to steal his brilliance.

Fei had to admit that only a man like this could match the image he created in his head after hearing all the legends and stories about him.

“You…… Impossible! It is really you…… You came back……” Even though Domenech was a Sun-Class Lord and a god in the mind of ordinary warriors, he was so shocked by what was happening that he lost his temperament and couldn’t even put a sentence together. Like a frightened kid, he repeated the same thing over and over again.

After Emperor Yassin revealed his real identity, Domenech was finally sure that the man standing in front of him was the same Yassin who brought him all the nightmares 26 years ago.

“Are you here for me? Ah! I know! The news about how the God-tier Combat Weapon [Sun-Fire Wheel] is going to appear in [Combat Weapon Tomb] in the level 36 region…… You passed this news to me! You baited me using that fake news, and you want to kill me here?” Domenech finally realized something, and he shouted in fear.

As a Sun-Class Lord, there wasn’t much that could attract his attention in the Mythical Palace, and there wasn’t much that could make him travel more than a million kilometers and go on an adventure. Not too long ago, he unintentionally heard the news that the fire-elemental God-tier Combat Weapon [Sun-Fire Wheel] might make an appearance in the core region of the Mythical Palace! To a powerful fire-elemental cultivator like himself who didn’t have a fitting Combat Weapon, this was a rare opportunity! Therefore, he came to the Mythical Palace alone and didn’t inform the Royal Family of the Leon Empire. He thought he could easily obtain the [Sun-Fire Wheel] as a Sun-Class Lord, but he didn’t expect that the news was a deadly bait designed just for him!

“That is right!”

As if he was talking to an old friend, Emperor Yassin smiled and explained, “Your actions didn’t disappoint me. You were this stupid 26 years ago, and you are still this stupid now! Of course, expect for your stupidity, your greed didn’t change as well. Well, it actually got more out of hand! A fake news that most people would ignore lured you here to die!”

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  1. Wkwkland

    All hail emperor Yassin!!!

  2. asd

    still said that he seems liks an ‘ill elder’ so is yassin really ok?

  3. Zalpha

    That was awesome. The build up too this was cool. Been looking forward too seeing him. I think the MC’s full regen potion healed him up. I think that that is why the princess was still suffering the map room, getting out of breath. She didn’t use much of the potion on herself but rather gave it to her father. I think the Emperor owes the MC now.

  4. Rafid

    Finally caught up with chapters!!?
    Thanks for the chapter!

    N.B.What is the release schedule for this novel?

  5. admiralen

    If he was faking it he is real scum for letting Krasic die like that

    • JuanEDDI

      Ya, agreed! I think zalpha’s theory is what happened, though…. Hopefully!!?

    • I Know You Are Wrong

      If Yassin can fake it then Krasic can fake it too.

  6. Leon

    This is a really nice chapter

  7. Buhri

    Fake news are scary…

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