Chapter 510: Excitement and Fear (Part One)

It was obvious that Domenech was struck by what Emperor Yassin said. Almost as soon as Emperor Yassin finished speaking, his face paled, and his body shivered. Vicious lights were replaced with a chilling fear in his eyes. It was a fear that originated from his soul.

Fei didn’t know what happened 26 years ago, but he was sure that Emperor Yassin left a deep mark in Domenech’s mind! Otherwise, this mighty Sun-Class Lord won’t be this defeated by a few words coming from Emperor Yassin. From the look of it, it seemed like if Emperor Yassin made a move, he would be on the run.

But at this moment, a booming noise sounded from the sea of lava.

This noise instantly woke Domenech up from his fear.

His body lightly shivered. As if he realized something, he finally dared to look at his opponent in the eyes. After a few seconds, his green eyes cleared, and a joyous expression appeared on his face. This No.1 Royal Mage of the Leon Empire suddenly started laughing like a lunatic. He was laughing so hard that his hands on his stomach and tears appeared in his eyes.

“What are you laughing about?” Emperor Yassin smiled and asked.

“Hahaha, I’m laughing about…… Hahaha, I’m laughing about how you are clever throughout your life, but your own intelligence fooled you. Hahaha! I got it now! When you put out the fake news and tried to lure me out of the Leon Empire, you didn’t expect that I have already advanced into the realm of Sun-Class. I didn’t tell anyone about it; otherwise, you won’t be daring enough to trick me. For all these years, you only used on healing, and your strength didn’t increase that much! You aren’t a Sun-Class Lord yet! Hahaha! You couldn’t defeat me right now!” Domenech laughed and shouted.

“You are right about one thing; I’m not a Sun-Class Lord,” Emperor Yassin replied earnestly.

“Haha! This is a fatal mistake! How dare you reveal yourself in front of me when you aren’t even a Sun-Class Lord? You are seeking your own death! I thought you are about to die, but who knew that you would appear in front of me today! Great! I regretted not killing you, but I got the opportunity once again!” Domenech looked at Emperor Yassin and teased, “Oh right. Do you know how I advanced to Sun-Class?”

“I’m willing to listen if you want to tell us,” Emperor Yassin said calmly.

A bit of hatred appeared in Domenech’s eyes as he recalled, “You did all of this. Humph! You and I were both so young back then. Who else could compete with us in terms of talent? Too bad that you, Andrew Yassin, is more brilliant than me, and people said that you were the No.1 Genius in this massive region in the 1,000 years. You created your own legendary technique [Dragon Fist], and no one could match your fame. Although I won all ten matches in the competition in the Mage Union and was known as the No.1 Young Mage in the region, I still couldn’t beat you. When we battled, you completely obliterated my Cultivation Confidence and destroyed by mentality. In the coming years, I made zero cultivation progress. Fortunately, Emperor Juninho defeated you and put a stop to your legend…… Hehe, although you got away, I knew that you were about to die, and you are no longer a threat to me. Therefore, my Cultivation Confidence somehow started to recover! Hahaha! One year ago, it was completely restored, and I was able to advance! Although you wasted 25 years of my life, you still helped me to advance into a new realm! Hahaha! Do you think it is full of irony? In the end, the Goddess of Fate still chose me!”

“That is surprising,” Emperor Yassin nodded and said calmly, “I have to admit that you are a genius. It is almost unimaginable that your Cultivation Confidence recovered, and you were able to advance. Too bad that I don’t believe in Goddess of Fate. I only believe myself! Even if the Goddess of Fate chose you, I could prove that she made a mistake!”

“You……” Emperor Yassin’s calmness triggered Domenech. He was disappointed and even a little angry. He didn’t see any regret or anger on his opponent’s face, so he raised his brows and shouted, “You are still as reckless as before. Unfortunately, you aren’t qualified to act this way in front of me anymore.”

“Really? We can see about that after we battle,” Emperor Yassin replied and smiled.

Domenech raised and his head and laughed, “Great! I will let you know that the difference in strength couldn’t be overcome by talent! The difference between Sun-Class and peak Full Moon is so big that it will make you desperate! Haha, after 26 years, you are the same you, but I’m not the same me! Our roles are already switched!”

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