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Hail the King Chapter 510.2

Chapter 510: Excitement and Fear (Part Two)

“If I’m not wrong, you said the same thing 26 years ago. Too bad that you, who was a peak Full Moon Elite, still lost to me, who was a low-tier Full Moon Elite. The result would be the same doesn’t matter how many times you try! You aren’t my match!” as Yassin said that, his aura surged. He shouted, “There is no need to talk more! Let me see how powerful a Sun-Class Lord really is!”

“Ok! I will bury you, the so-called Unparalleled Genius, right here!” Domenech started to chant a spell.

A series of mystic sounds came out of his mouth, and the entire Sun Anomaly [World of Burning Flame] started to respond to this spell. As if it triggered some kind of natural law, all the fire elements in this Small World begun to get violent. Soon, the temperature increased, and everything in this world turned orange and red.

Prince Fairenton was only an Eight-Star Warrior, and he was the weakest among everyone. His Warrior Energy was oppressed, and the metal armor on his body started to melt as if it was made from chocolate. The Royal Master of Jax beside him frowned, and the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon [Sand of Earthly Anger] floated into the air and covered Fairenton, Modoc, and the other guard with its orange earthly energy. Beside them, Crown Prince Girano also unleashed the power of the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon [Black Crystal Wand], and a cloud of chilly black mist enveloped and protected his four beautiful maids

The Undead Mage and Fei were both powerful, and they each created an energy sphere to block out the heat. However, it was tough for the four people of the Holy Church. After Red-Robed Deacon Pellegrini got killed like a chicken and Jessie got severely injured, the remaining members of the Holy Church had a hard time blocking out the heat. Soon, their hair dried up, and their white robe started to smoke. They were in life-threatening danger.

Fei didn’t say anything, but he expanded his energy sphere and protected those four people.

Although the King didn’t like the Holy Church, what was happening right now originated from him. On top of that, these people stood by his side earlier, especially Jessie who decided to stand in front of him. Fei had a great impression of Jessie, so saving these innocent people of the Holy Church was within reason.

“Thank you, [God’s Favorite Child] Alexander Your Highness!” Jessie who was severely injured expressed his gratitude.

Fei smiled and didn’t say anything. Instead, he turned his head and looked at the two people who started to battle. The outcome of the battle would determine everyone’s fate.

A series of chanting resonated in the entire [World of Burning Flames]. Like the source of nuclear radiation, his body continued to give out energy, making the lava in this world rumble and surge violently. The 20 lava giants that appeared in the sea of lava all grew from the height of 100 meters to 200 meters, and they walked in the sea of lava as if they were walking on land.

With the temperature that could melt iron around them, they dashed toward Emperor Yassin who was standing in mid-air quickly and agilely as if they had their own consciousness.

Fei furrowed his brows.

Although he believed in Emperor Yassin, he still questioned this ruler’s decision.

“Why is he allowing this Domenech to finish chanting this powerful spell? It is common sense that warriors need to defeat the mages as soon as before they could finish their spells. From their conversation, it seemed like Emperor Yassin admitted that he is not yet a Sun-Class Lord. Why is he so daring?” he thought.

In just the blink of an eye, the 20 lava giants got to Emperor Yassin.

Forty fists struck at him like forty murderous and deadly sickles of the Grim Reaper.

This was a terrifying scene! Each of the fist strikes was enough to kill a peak Full Moon Elite! The difference between a Sun-Class Lord and a peak Full Moon Elite couldn’t be calculated easily! It was like comparing an ant with a dragon!

The phrase, “anyone below the Sun-Class is an ant,” isn’t just a metaphor used by traveling poets!

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  1. Walensium

    Those 40 giants are going to disappear under the dragon fist. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. SaDDisT

    Plot twist, Yassin already passed by the Sun Class realm.

  3. OG

    Where IS Matt Rossi anywyas? Woulda thunk hed have known about the palace…

    Yea Hard on has 20+ years of cultivation…. Well pass sun class.

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