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Hail the King Chapter 511.1

Chapter 511: A True Master (Part One)

The 20 lava giants were as fast as lightning since their huge bodies somehow didn’t drag down their speed. When they swung their fists, it felt like they left a series of afterimages in the air. The 40 fists cover all directions, and it felt like no one could dodge the strikes.

Emperor Yassin was instantly surrounded and couldn’t move.

This scene made the masters who were watching the battle on the mountain gasp.

“This emperor is only a peak Full Moon Elite…… Why is he so daring? If he interrupted Domenech from casting the spell or moved before the lava giants got close to him, he could last a while. But now……” they thought.

“Hahahahahaha! Yassin! Die! You are still as proud as always, but you are like an ant in my eyes now! I can kill you over 100 times with my finger! Haha!” Domenech’s loud laughter sounded.

At this moment, the fists of the 20 lava giants had already collided from all sides, and a loud booming noise sounded. The terrifying energy created several shocking airwaves, and the sea of lava started to surge. Waves of lava sometimes got over 100 meters tall, and the masters on the mountain had to unleash their full strength not to get blown into the lava.

Even if a Sun-Class Lord got struck by the 20 lava giants and didn’t die, he or she would lose a layer of skin.

Emperor Yassin was probably dead by now.

The masters were hugely disappointed, and Domenech’s arrogant laughter resonated every louder in the [World of Burning Flames].

“Really? I want to see how you can kill me over 100 times.”

At this moment, a voice that seemed to be forever calm sounded. Although it wasn’t loud, it covered all the other sounds made in this Small World. Domenech’s crazy laughter instantly paused, and a shocked expression appeared on his face as if he saw a ghost. All the masters were also surprised, and they all looked up at the sky.

As soon as that voice sounded, a golden light appeared at where Emperor Yassin was standing, and beams of golden light penetrated through the lava giants as if they were God-tier Combat Weapons. There was so much power that even the red sky inside this Sun Anomaly got turned into the color gold.

“[Dragon Fist – Dragon’s Maneuver]!”

Emperor Yassin’s clear voice sounded

In the next moment, the majestic roars of dragons echoed as if numerous Holy Golden Dragons appeared. Then, this entire world started to shake as if there was an earthquake. This would happen before a Sun Anomaly was shattered.

Soon, a dash of dragon-shaped golden light started to turn and circle where Emperor Yassin was standing.

Every time it circled Emperor Yassin for one full rotation, a powerful dragon roar-like noise would sound.

The 20 terrifying lava giants were like poorly-made clay dolls in front of this dash of golden light. They were easily crushed, and the fire-elemental powers inside of them were gone. Without the fire elements, these lava giants turned into huge pieces of black rocks before falling back into the sea of lava.

This scene was shocking.

The amount of energy contained in that dash of golden light was unimaginable, and nothing could stop it. As the dragon roar-like noise got louder and louder, the [World of Burning Flames] became a world of the golden dragon. Domenech finally reacted after a few seconds, but there was nothing that he could do to turn it around. The situation was flipped in just a dozen seconds.

Emperor Yassin was now standing in mid-air with a calm smile on his face.

What just happened didn’t even mess up a single strand of his hair, and he made people feel like he was invincible.

Fei felt like his mouth was a little dry.

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  1. OG

    So why didnt they fly up 200m to avoid waves and such?

    Is this a snow globe? Lol


  2. Shadowminion

    Fei on reaching the Azeroth world: yeahhhh I’m the protagonist!!!!

    Fei meeting his first 3 star foe. Lampard: Hold my beer.

    Fei: fuuuu I’m so weak! *Cue training montage.

    Fei meeting his first moon level foe. Krasic: Hold my beer.

    Fei: NOOOOOOO DADDY! Fuuuu I’m so weak! *Cue training montage.

    Fei reaching moon level and being badass.

    Arthur: Hold my wine.
    The Necro dude: waiting for cue…

    Yassin: my dear boy, why don’t you go sit at the counter for awhile?

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