Chapter 512: Invincible (Part One)

A golden light beam that was more than 10 meters thick charged into the sky from Emperor Yassin’s fist, and the [World of Burning Flames] started to shake violently. Cracking noises sounded as if a piece of glass were getting shattered, and white cracks appeared in the red sky. These white cracks were growing like vines, and it made people feel like the sky was going to fall apart.

Even though the white cracks were as thin as a strand of hair, it moved everyone. It meant that this Small World was breaking under Emperor Yassin’s [Dragon Fist – Dragon’s Return].

This world continued to shake.

Fei felt like he was inside a bullet train that was out of its tracks. This Small World was shaking so violently that he felt like his joints were being dislocated.

“You…… Do you want to break my [World of Burning Flames]? I won’t allow you!” Domenech was so scared that his face paled. If his Sun Anomaly got shattered, then he might even die! If he couldn’t defeat Emperor Yassin in his own Sun Anomaly where he was like a god, then he would be slaughtered in the outside world!

A series of mystic spells were chanted, and surges of fire elements started to rush up into the air. The sea of lava boiled even more, and the red ‘vapor’ also raised to the sky. It seemed like the [World of Burning Flames] was being fixed and repaired.

What Domenech did seemed to be working.

The white cracks in the sky stopped growing, and the [World of Burning Flames] that started to shake also stabilized.

By seizing this opportunity, Domenech ordered the 40 lava giants to attack Emperor Yassin quickly. He wanted to injure his opponent when he was distracted.

However –

“Humph! Useless!” Emperor Yassin didn’t even look at the lava giants. He sneered and punched out.

A dragon roar-like noise sounded, and it almost broke everyone’s eardrum. The golden light beam turned into the shape of a dragon that was more than 1,000 meters long, and this dragon raised its head and roared. Instantly, the white cracks started to grow again under the sound wave, and the crackling noises resonated in the sky. The white cracks multiplied and soon looked like a spider web. Through the cracks, everyone was able to see the light coming in from the outside world.

The natural laws inside the [World of Burning Flames] collapsed, and there were huge fluctuations of energy. The fire elements started to decrease in strength drastically, and the sea of lava quickly reduced in size like a swimming pool that got the plug pulled. The 40 lava giants that were attacking Emperor Yassin all dulled down. Like toys that got their batteries removed, the orange flames on their bodies disappeared, and their bodies froze next.

Soon, these lava giants turned from red to black, and the flames inside their eye sockets were gone as well. They turned into huge pieces of heated rocks, and they fell onto the ground.

“No! Impossible! How did you do this?” the white-robed mage was screaming desperately in the sky. As he swung his wand, it felt like he was a gambler who lost the most critical bet in his life and believed that his shouts could undo everything.

The [World of Burning Flames] finally collapsed.

The shattered sky fell like broken red glass. Before these pieces could reach the ground, they turned into pure elements and dissolved in the air. Without Domenech’s support and power, the Sun Anomaly couldn’t sustain itself.

At the same time, the mountain and the sea of lava also quickly disappeared and revealed the green grass as if what happened was only an illusion.

Everyone returned to the level 36 region of the Mythical Palace. The grasses and trees were lively, the breeze was comforting, and the birds were sings. Nothing was changed! There was no trace of battle in the area. Everything that took place felt just like a nightmare.

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