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Hail the King Chapter 515.2

Chapter 515: Beauty in The Bar (Part Two)

Inside a pub that was in its business hours.

There were a lot of people coming and going from this three-story building. Most of these people were all famous people in the city.

This pub’s name was Ivy, and it sold the most famous rum in the area, and the strong aroma filled the street.

It was heard that this pub opened for business when the city was first built, and that was 26 years ago. This pub was definitely one of the key establishments.

This Ivy Pub wasn’t big, but its internal design was classic. Unlike other pubs in the city that were filled with mercenaries and were very noisy, it was quite peaceful.

It sold hundreds of varieties of rums. When King Alexander hosted the party for the warriors who went into the desert to burn the enemies’ food supplies, he ordered barrels of rums from this pub. After he took a sip, he immediately praised it and named it ‘Heroes’ Liquor”. Since then, the rum of the Ivy Pub got even more famous, and Ivy Pub looked like it was becoming the No.1 Pub in the city.

Of course, only a few people knew that this pub was the property of Soros’ Merchant Group.

In the last while, there were a lot of people coming to the pub to drink, and a lot of them were soldiers. After the King of Chambord drastically increased the salary of the soldiers, their life quality got improved. In order to show their admiration of the King, they all wanted to taste the rum that got named ‘Heroes’ Liquor’ by His Majesty.

The new female boss of the Ivy Pub was able to utilize this opportunity. Using the name of giving benefits to the military, the pub started to offer a 30% discount to soldiers. As a result, this pub got even more business.

Scola was a waiter in this pub; he had been working here for about ten years.

Ten years ago, his parent didn’t have the resources to raise him, so they sold him to the pub. As a result, this pub was him home. It was fortunate that the manager John who was about 70 years old liked him and treated him as his own grandson, and it made Scola have a deeper connection with this place.

About four days ago, Old John retired due to his old age, and the mysterious big boss replaced him with a young woman.

Scola was sad that Old John was no wonder working in the pub, but he was glad that this new manager treated all the staff members well. Scola himself was promoted to the new yet strange position of ‘Lobby Manager’, and his privileges and salary were both doubled. He felt a little uneasy, but he worked even harder.

He was really curious about this new young and beautiful boss.

Of course, he also dreamed a little as a young man. The new boss was named Jessica, and she treated everyone like her family. She smiled with her eyes, and it was enough to melt everyone’s heart.

Scola knew that he wasn’t the only one who had a crush on this beautiful boss.

Right after Jessica became the boss of this Ivy Pub, a lot of young commanders and graceful noblemen came here every day. They all wanted to get close to her.

The braver ones were already confessing to her with roses all day long.

However, Scola found that even though Jessica was kind to everyone, she didn’t accept any of the men.

A reckless young nobleman got too drunk and wanted to tease Jessica a little after getting rejected, but he was caught by a bunch of soldiers and got his butt beat. A tall, dark, and dull-looking man was the most violent; he almost beat the crap out of this young nobleman.

When the young nobleman got up and threated, that man laughed and revealed his identity. He was Jessica’s real brother, and he was also King Alexander’s Personal Guard.

That young nobleman was terrified.

He kneeled in front of Jessica, crying and begging for forgiveness.

Only after Jessica forgave him did he run away like a defeated chicken.

To be honest, no one was surprised to see this. It was clear to everyone that King Alexander hated the corrupted and greedy nobles. After the leaders of the seven noble families, who committed unspeakable crimes, were killed, the residents in Dual-Flags City had no doubt that the King of Chambord would raise his execution blade again.

After what happened a few days ago, no more people dared to harass Jessica, and the business and the orderliness of the bar got a lot better.

However, this also made Scola a little sad; he knew that he could only dream about his beautiful boss and it couldn’t become a reality.

Even though that was the case, Scola was still working work.

However, when he looked at the strange customer sitting in front of him, he who worked at Ivy Pub for more than ten years and was experienced didn’t know what to do.

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