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Hail the King Chapter 516.1

Chapter 516: Two People, Two Mood (Part One)

This strange customer came into the pub three days ago, and he looked like he was an eight or nine years old boy.

In the beginning, everyone including Scola thought that this angel-like young boy was lost by his parents and wandered into the pub. However, that wasn’t the case! This little guy was very familiar with the setting of a bar, and he wasn’t timid at all! He threw more than a dozen gold coins onto the table and asked the waiters to serve him the best rum. He looked like an alcoholic who frequented this place.

People tried to tell this boy not to drink too much. However, this boy acted ferociously, and no one dared to trigger him. He was still not drunk after chugging down 40 pints of rums, so people knew that he wasn’t an ordinary being.

For three days, this boy didn’t ask anything except for drinks. Until all the barrels around him were empty, he finally looked a little drunk. His face turned red, and he looked even cuter. Anyone who saw him wanted to hug him and pinch his cheeks.

However, after seeing this, no one saw him as a kid. In the last three days, more than 100 men had tried to get him drunk, but those men were destroyed regarding drinking abilities. Many residents of the city had come here to see this young boy who was creating a miracle.

“More! Quick! More! Hahaha, this is great! Haha!” this boy patted the table and shouted. In front of him, there were still 16 men who blacked out.

“Uh…… Boss, should we still serve him? He might actually be a Demon Beast in human skin…… Who else could drink this much?” Scola stood in front of the bar and asked Jessica.

He was very nervous. For the last ten years he worked here, he had never seen anyone who could drink as much as this young boy, not even one-one hundredth of his consumption.

“Of course! We will serve him as long as he still wants to drink,” Jessica smiled and replied.

“Alright!” after seeing his boss’ smile, this Lobby Manager got into high-spirits. He waved at his men, and two people carried the 108th barrel of rum to this boy.

Jessica who was watching this boy drink was very shocked herself.

However, one of Soros’ Merchant Group’s missions was to pay attention and try to recruit unique and strange characters. Jessica grew up in an impoverished neighborhood. Since her brother got lucky and met the King of Chambord, she was taken along for the ride.

She just became one of the most popular younger managers, and she learned a lot of stuff from Abramovich. After knowing all sorts of strange and bizarre incidents, her view broadened.

In terms of the boy in front of her, Abramovich told her personally that she should try to satisfy all of his requests.

As she ordered the waiters to give this boy more rum, she observed him carefully.

To be honest, Jessica felt like what happened in the last few days was still like a dream to her.

She had never imagined that she could be lucky enough to meet the god-like King Alexander. Even though Fei didn’t reveal his identity that evening, Jessica still had a great impression of him. When she later found out through Husky that Fei was the King of Chambord, she couldn’t believe her ears!

However, the truth also disappointed her. Jessica suddenly felt like the distance between her and that handsome and unique young man increased so much that she couldn’t see where he was.

What happened afterward was smooth.

After Husky became Fei’s personal guard, she got the invitation from Soros’ Merchant Group. She was smart, and she knew what was going on. This suddenly give this girl a glimpse of hope! She accepted the invitation instantly.

She wasn’t too interested in the fame and the money. Instead, she just wanted to get closer to that figure.

In the last while, the smart Jessica had been improving her knowledge and understanding of the world with the help from masters in the trade like Abramovich.

Observing this boy was one of the homework that Abramovich gave Jessica.

The sun was about to set, and the temperature turned cold.

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