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Hail the King Chapter 517.1

Chapter 517: Return of the King (Part One)

The burning flames released an insane amount of energy, and all the rocks in the area were burned soft and were almost turning into lava. Black smoke was rushing into the sky, and the thick sulfur smell dispersed into the area. It looked like a scene from hell.

This was what the Mayor’s Mansion looked like now.

The main palace was struck by Moon-Class Combat Technique [Fire Explosion] several times, and a sudden mysterious explosion completely obliterated it. In addition, the side palaces near the main palace were also destroyed. Broken walls and chipped tiles were everywhere, and the warriors of Chambord saw some torn white dresses, broken limbs, and dried up blood spots.

The atmosphere was so dense that the air almost froze.

All of the masters of Chambord were knocked more than 20 meters away, and they were staring at the tragedy in front of them.

Tony used his Moon-Class Combat Technique multiple times, got hit by the energy waves, and was injured by the mysterious power hidden inside the attacks of the warriors of Chambord, and his Warrior Energy couldn’t flow appropriately inside his body. As a result, he couldn’t leave right away.

On the other hand, the warriors of Chambord were affected by the explosions as well. They were injured to various degrees, but most of them were still a distance away from the main palace and weren’t injured too much.

Lampard and Torres who were closest to the main palace were affected the most. Fortunately, Lampard was the strongest warrior among everyone, and he was able to protect the vital spots on his body with his Lightning-elemental Warrior Energy. Although he got blew away, he wasn’t too injured. Torres who was standing on the roof of the main palace leaped into the air using his wind-elemental Warrior Energy as the explosion occurred, and he was able to safely land outside the explosion zone by stepping on the rocks that flew toward him from the explosion.

At the moment, the warriors of Chambord looked at the hell-like scene in front of them and felt a chill in their spines.

“Queen Angela and Valkyrie Elena…… They……” they thought.

“Kill him! Kill him to avenge for the queen……” Oleg, who was quite injured and was covered in blood, shouted. His eye turned red, and he rushed toward Tony. Since Tony wasn’t able to adjust his state yet, this low-tier New Moon Elite was seized by Oleg. As Oleg started to squeeze Tony’s neck using his arms, it was clear that he was planning to choke this enemy to death.

Tony puked up a mouthful of blood, and his vision darkened. Several of his rib bones got broken, and he was dying due to the choke. He struggled like a madman and struck at Oleg’s arms forcefully, shouting, “Ah! So much pain! F*ck off! You bug! Do you want to die? Ah!”

Tony was a Moon-Class Elite after all, and he easily smashed Oleg’s arm bones into pieces.

“Let’s die together! You killed Her Highness! You killed Queen Angela! You killed my chance of behaving like a good person! Ah!” Oleg’s face paled, and his arm bones were now smashed into small pieces. Layers of broken muscles and tendons were connecting his arms. However, as if he couldn’t sense the pain, his arms were still glued together, choking Tony down.

Warden Oleg was in a frenzied state.

He was once the henchman of the former Head Minister of Chambord, Bazzer. He had done many evil deeds, and many people asked Fei to execute him after the city was liberated. However, the King didn’t do that. Instead, Fei gave Oleg the opportunities to redeem himself. In the beginning, Oleg was trying to put on a good performance so that he won’t die. But as he did more work, the people started to look at him differently. The initial disdain turned into appreciation, and the hatred turned into friendliness. For the first time, Oleg got an unprecedented sense of achievement, and he felt the honor of being a good person.

Oleg swore that he was going to maintain and keep up this honor, and he promised himself that he would become of the key assistant of the King such as Pierce, Drogba, Torres, and Cech.

His dark past made him feel a little inferior, but it also gave him a lot of motivation.

He was willing to sacrifice everything for the King, including his life.

But now, this damning enemy in front of him destroyed Oleg’s honor by killing the two girls inside the main palace.

Oleg knew how important those two girls were to King Alexander. According to the traditions on the Azeroth Continent, he lost all of his dignity and honor since he wasn’t able to protect Angela and Elena as Fei’s subordinate. In his eyes, losing the honor was equivalent to losing everything else in his life, including his identity as a good person.

Therefore, he was going to kill this murderer even if he would die himself.

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