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Hail the King Chapter 517.2

Chapter 517: Return of the King (Part Two)

“Come on! Kill him! Don’t worry about me……” Oleg shouted.

Everyone including the weakest Bronze Saints roared like wild beasts and charged at Tony with craziness in their eyes.

The fearlessness of the warriors of Chambord terrified Tony. At this moment, he felt like the bugs that he could easily kill before were now invincible!

Tony started to regret. He regretted not listening to his master’s advice on avoiding the King of Chambord, and he even regretted coming down Big Snow Mountain. It would be great if he never met the King of Chambord and could still be the influential figure on Big Snow Mountain.


A dash of red light appeared in the sky, and it was approaching with insane heat waves around it.

It was [Snow Mountain Hermit]!

“Master…… Master! I’m here! Please save me!” Tony was scared by how ferocious these warriors of Chambord were. Since he was a low-tier New Moon Elite, he could easily get out of the current situation. However, just like how a flower grown in a greenhouse couldn’t withstand the chilliness of the outside world, Tony was so scared that he felt weak and couldn’t react properly to his surroundings.


[Snow Mountain Hermit] struck downward with his palms.

The indefensible heat wave instantly knocked all of the warriors of Chambord aside.

This man in red wasn’t a fake Moon-Class Elite like Tony. He was an experienced warrior, and he easily pushed the warriors of Chambord away and saved Tony.

Fortunately, Warden Oleg was only knocked out and not killed. [Snow Mountain Hermit] didn’t want to escalate the conflict with the King of Chambord. Otherwise, he could have easily wiped out everyone in the area with one strike.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] instantly appeared in the yard and grabbed onto Tony’s shoulder.

“Why did you come here? Do you want to die?” he shouted as he was about to get away from this place instantly.

“Where do you think you are going?” a child-like voice sounded in the sky, and it was filled with anger.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] was shocked, and he looked up and saw a blond boy with a strange black mask on his face. As this boy stood in mid-air, cold lights shot out of his cute eyes. At the moment, his eyes turned 100% black, and they were like two abysses that could suck people’s souls into them. Also, as a grey energy flowed around him, he seemed a little majestic.

“It’s you! Aren’t you already in the [Elemental Gate] with the King of Chambord? Why are you here?” [Snow Mountain Hermit] was shocked. He swore that he saw this boy go into the [Elemental Gate], but why was he here now?

“Could it be that the King of Chambord is already back?” he was concerned.

“It is me, and you two would need to stay here and endure Alexander’s anger!” as Arthur’s voice sounded in the sky, he already appeared behind this man in red.


[Snow Mountain Hermit] was shocked, and he was half a second slower. He could only try to match up against his opponent’s strike with his hand, but he instantly sensed a suction force. Then, a strange yet chilly energy rushed into his body and froze his fire-elemental Warrior Energy.

“This…… Undead Energy? You……” [Snow Mountain Hermit] was shocked. When he looked down, it wasn’t a child’s pink hand but a bone dragon’s claws! There was a black and metal glare on it, and it looked terrifying.

“You realized too late!” in order to instantly defeat this not-so-weak opponent, Arthur revealed his Undead Bone Claws despite the risk of getting discovered, and a thick Undead Energy immediately rushed into [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s body. He was not prepared for this, and he was still injured. Therefore, he got his energy channels instantly concealed by his opponent.

Arthur then quickly moved around and smacked [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s and Tony’s back, and both of them puked up a mouthful of blood before losing their consciousnesses.


Two God-Fooling Badges were placed on them.

Since Undead Energy entered their bodies, the people of the Holy Church might sense it. The God-Fooling Badges could block the Undead Energy on them and would save a lot of trouble.

Arthur didn’t kill them; he wanted to wait for Fei’s return.

“Go check in the fire. Her Highness might be still alive……” Lampard who was severely injured shouted. After seeing the sudden appearance of this boy and how he defeated the enemies, Lampard guessed that he was on their side. Only masters could see through the fire, so Lampard wanted Arthur to see if the girls were still alive.

“No need. I will do it myself,” a loud and angry voice sounded from afar. As a silver light flashed by, someone appeared in from of them. After the two people in his hands were put on the ground, he dashed into the flames.

It was King Alexander of Chambord.

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    Its bugging me to know what happened to them…. But obviously alexanader must have put some restriction on them..

  3. I hope Arthur is killed or crippled for this dereliction of duty even if the girls survive. he had one job and he chose to go drinking instead.

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