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Hail the King Chapter 518.1

Chapter 518: Three Monsters (Part One)

“Your Majesty!” after seeing Fei’s return, the warriors of Chambord cried out. They were happy to see him return safely, but they were ashamed for what had happened. As a result, they all single-kneeled and didn’t dare to look up.

Fei threw a bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] to Torres and shouted, “Save him first! Oleg is in a critical condition.”

After he said that, he put Jessie and Alan who were still unconscious on the ground and continued, “Take care of these two people as well!”

Whoosh! As his body turned into a silver flash of light, his Nightmare Mode Level 42 Barbarian strength was unleashed. As a silver light sphere appeared around him, he dashed into the flames.

Torres quickly poured the full bottle of purple potion into Oleg’s mouth; the Warden was on the verge of death.

After taking in the potion, this fatty’s pale face finally had a bit of redness to it. His breathing turned long and peaceful, and the injuries on his body were quickly recovering. His arms that were completely turned into meat paste and bone dust stopped bleeding and started to wriggle. However, since his arms were too severely damaged, there wasn’t too much that [Full Rejuvenation Potion] could do. Oleg still didn’t wake up from it.

People like Pierce and Drogba looked at each other and felt ashamed after looking at Oleg.

Although they slowly accepted this fat flatter, they still held some grudges in their minds. Oleg once worked for the former Head Minister Bazzer, and he was in charge of the prison system at Chambord, resulting in the death of innocent people. That was the reason why Oleg was on the edge of the group and was being slightly disliked by others.

However, what this fatty, who loved to flatter the king, did today was enough to make the warriors of Chambord, who thought that they were ferocious themselves, feel embarrassed.

The combat ability this fatty just displayed shocked everyone! If it weren’t for him, Tony would have probably gotten away.

At this moment, all the warriors of Chambord accept this ‘obscene’ yet timid fatty. They now saw him as one of the core members of Chambord.

On the side, Arthur was nervously playing with the bottom of his inner shirt. Although the mask covered his face, he probably had an embarrassed expression on his face. Fei asked him to stay out of the level 36 region to monitor [Snow Mountain Hermit] and Tony, just in case they did desperate and stupid things that would harm Dual-Flags City and the people in it. However, he was too caught up in the pub and didn’t complete his duties.

“How can I present myself to Alexander? Damn! My face is all gone!” he thought.

Although he only joined Fei’s force for less than ten days, there was already a strange bond between them. Arthur cared about Fei, but there was a bit of respect and fear in the intimacy.

Suddenly, a gasp sounded.

“Huh? This…… What is this?”

It was Fei’s voice.

What was surprising was that Fei’s tone didn’t sound sad. Instead, it was filled with surprise and shock. It was clear that he encountered something strange, and it seemed like the two girls weren’t injured.

Those burning flames quickly weakened, and the terrifying heat in the area also dropped. The chilliness of the winter re-enveloped the land, and the thick black smoke around the collapsed Mayor’s Mansion was disappearing. However, there was a slight smell of sulfur in the air, making the atmosphere quite strange.

“What is going on?” the warriors of Chambord all rushed toward the core of the ruins. Even though they were injured, they were more curious about what had happened and didn’t even try to heal up first.

The first thing that they saw was the King’s figure.

He was blocking everyone’s sight, but his body was shaking violently as if a strong emotion consumed him. Only after the warriors of Chambord got closer and walked around Fei did they see something shocking and unimaginable.

The stone bed that Angela and Elena were sleeping on were protected by an invisible energy sphere that had the diameter of six meters. The powerful explosion that just took place didn’t affect the two girls and their bed. The white veil surrounding the bed was still there, and the velvet quilt was still keeping the two girls warm. Not even a speck of dust could be seen on them!

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    The plot armor in this novel is too strong, but I’m glad that they are okay

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      Same i wanted to know that too .. its not like diablo world forgot her coz she was unconscious

    • the inconsistencies in this novel is too obvious sometimes…in a farther previous chapter a priest without legs moved away from someone,tho it wasn’t stated if he was moon and could fly,since he felt for a relatively small trap i bet he wasn’t,, and thats just one example

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