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Hail the King Chapter 518.2

Chapter 518: Three Monsters (Part Two)

However, the reason why they were shocked was that there were now three terrifying monsters around the huge stone bed. Each of the monsters looked similar, and their bodies were all huge. Their lower legs were thick and power, but their front legs were shorter and thinner. Scales covered their bodies, and there were fin-like small wings on their backs. Sharp bone spikes could be seen on the back of their knees and their heads, and their eyes were huge.

The three monsters were blue, red, and green respectively.

The red monster was the biggest; it was more than ten meters long, and its tail was at least five meters. Its body curled around the stone bed. Every time it opened its mouth, light-yellow energy would spit out. This energy was filled with the smell of sulfur, and it felt like it would start burning at any second.

The blue monster was small, only six meters long. Its body had a mystic glare to it, making it look like a snow mountain. It was giving off a chilly energy, and it seemed intelligent.

The last green monster was only four meters long, but it made people feel like it was extremely agile and dangerous. Its green scales had the texture of metal. If its big black eyes were rolling around viciously, people might have mistaken it as a metal statue.

The three monsters tightly guarded the stone bed, and their eyes were filled with anxiousness. As a series of deep roars sounded, an invisible pressure appeared. It made the masters of Chambord felt like they were facing three powerful masters, and they knew that the monsters would attack if they got any closer.

“What…… What Demon Beasts are these?”

For a moment, people like Drogba and Pierce looked at each other and didn’t know what to do; they didn’t know where these three monsters came from.

These three monsters all looked vicious, and their auras and clever-looking eyes told everyone that they were powerful Demon Beasts.

“Don’t get any closer, and don’t provoke them,” Fei said to his subordinates and waved his hand as a strange expression appeared on his face.

At this moment, Fei already guessed the origin of these monsters.

The dark-red magic box that Angela always had with her was placed on the bedside table, and it was now open. However, the three oval-shaped eggs were nowhere to be seen. Fei took a closer look and saw some specks of white shell dust on the table and the quilt.

“Impossible! Could it be that the three lifeless eggs got incubated? But they felt like three rocks! How could rocks be incubated? Could it be that these three eggs are special, and the outer rock-like shells protected the embryos inside the eggs?”

Fei was very shocked, and it seemed like there was no other way to explain the appearance of these three monsters.

Also, after a while of observations, the King discovered something interesting. Although the three monsters looked vicious and terrifying, their big eyes were clear and bright, just like those of the infants. It felt like they were three children who were naïve and curious about the outside world. While they were anxious about the people around them, they were observing the strange world.

In addition, it seemed like these three monsters were extraordinarily intimate toward the two girls who were still unconscious as if they were their mothers. They surrounded the stone bed not because they wanted to harm the girls. Instead, they were protecting them. The roars made by these three creatures were filled with anxiousness; it felt like they were trying to wake the two girls up, telling them that it was extremely dangerous around here……

TL NOTE: Got to admit that it is a little similar to the Game of Thrones, LOL. I think the Song of Ice and Fire Series came out first. Therefore, the author probably borrowed the idea from there.

P.S. A big shout out to VRDVC Gamer and GouriakaNY190105! Thanks for the support on Patreon!

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