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Hail the King Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Tough Enemy’s Arrival

It wasn’t certain when the mysterious man under the black cloak had appeared beside the silver masked knight, but he wasn’t affected by the silver masked knight at all. A black cloud of energy loomed around him, bending the light around him. The white thin horse he was riding on was snorting and chewing on grass on the ground.

“Pass on my command – ready the armour piercing arrow formation. Make sure to cover the entire front half of the bridge. I will nail those dogs onto the bridge no matter what I have to pay……” The silver masked knight commanded in rage. His eyes were all red and looked terrifying.

“Master, there……There are our soldiers on the bridge……They might be accidentally injured……”

All the black knights were surprised. Those metal beasts had charged into their formations, and the two groups had mixed together. If they shot their armour piercing arrows at them, the opponent would probably be killed, but so would their 100 plus soldiers.

“Soldiers? Soldiers need to sacrifice their blood and lives to build the honour of their commander. It’s their duty; if they can on die on the battlefield for me, they should be considered lucky.

The silver masked knight didn’t even turn around. A single sentence had determined the fate of the hundreds of soldiers.

The tiniest bit of consciousness hanging on in the silver masked knight’s fiery rage made him feel like he needed another plan B. The series of losses gave him more awareness of the situation, as well as some fear. The man that was charging at the very front gave him too much of a shock; it made him feel like even the armour piercing arrows couldn’t kill those ferocious beasts.

He sat on his frozen horse sculpture for a while, then turned around and said gently to the mysterious black cloaked man, “Teacher, if……If the armour piercing arrows aren’t effective, please help me and use your ruthless magic to wipe out those hard to deal with dogs!”

The mysterious black cloaked man nodded. His movement allowed the wind to slightly lift up his cloak, revealing a wand that had many complex and cryptic engravings.

He didn’t reply to the silver masked knight right away, but whispered to himself, “Amazing……I’d never believe that it could be possible to switch between a wild physical strength, a gloomy magic power, and a divine holy power. It looks like that man has acquired some mysterious skill……Although all three powers aren’t that strong, it’s interesting……I have to obtain his secret. That way, maybe I can advance to the next rank and my strength can increase a ton, hahaha……”

After he thought about that, he turned his head and said to the silver masked knight in his cold, hoarse voice: “I can help you, but that man has to be captured alive; he is useful for me.”

He pointed his finger. The finger was dry like an old tree branch, filled with wrinkles; it looked like it belonged to a zombie. Of course, the man he was pointing at was Fei who was leading the charge.

The silver masked knight frowned. He hated that man the most. If it wasn’t for that man charging at the very front, his Tower Shield-Dragon Lance formation wouldn’t have been so easily torn open and get murdered so quickly. He wanted to shoot that man with thousands of arrows and turn him into a hedgehog, but the mysterious black cloaked man had spoken. He thought about his teacher’s four star mage’s devastating magic power and finally nodded and accepted that request.

“Pass on my command, tell the archers to be careful. Leave the enemy leader half-dead. Just make sure he lives!” The silver masked knight changed his prior command coldly.

The black knights behind him didn’t dare say a word and went to pass down his command.

Quickly, a group of soldiers left the enemy base. These enemies’ steps were firm and definitely had good amounts of strength. Each of them carried a huge black bow on their back and quivers filled with hideously shaped arrows that had white tail feathers. The arrows had magic engravings with a little bit of magic stored inside of them. These were the armour piercing arrows that could penetrate through heavy metal armour and lower leveled mages’ magic shields. They were the worst nightmare of any knight and mage on the battlefield.

Every single arrow was expensive to make. It could be said that they were made out of gold. Normally, the silver masked knight was reluctant to use them, but this time, he didn’t hesitate and took all of them out. He was that mad.

The mysterious black cloaked man turned a blind eye towards this.

He laughed quietly. His voice was sharp and shrill, as if someone was scratching a plate with a fork. He rode his thin horse and approached the stone bridge slowly. The black cloud of energy was looming around him; but as he got closer and closer to the stone bridge, the cloud of energy got thicker and thicker and blunted everyone’s vision around him.

At the same time,the battle on the bridge grew even more intense. More accurately, Fei’s massacre was getting more aggressive. With Fei acting as the diamond drill head, every single enemy’s formation melted like cheese; Fei and the strongmen could easily get through them.

The six siege ladders were pushed into the Zuli River a while ago. In the past two minutes, the twenty three bloody butchers had destroyed a spearmen formation and another swordsmen formation.

Everywhere they went, it turned into hell. Blood was everywhere, and screams and wails were the main theme. With the whiz of the fast current down below, it sounded like the laughter of death himself. The air even turned into the colour red. When they breathed, they weren’t inhaling air, but rather blood!

When the battle had turned to this level, even the tough enemies that had a lot of training and went through many battles had lost the courage to fight. The stares of the beasts under their armour that was decorated by minced flesh and bones made them s--t their pants. Their roars made the enemy soldiers shiver. Although the bright sun was right in the middle of the sky, the enemies felt like they were standing in a freezer.

The organized formations loosened up completely. The enemies on the front line wailed as they ran back and rushed into the other formations, and organized bridge became crowded and many enemies screamed as they fell off the bridge accidentally. They made many splashes in the water, but those were the last movements they could ever make.

What was even more terrifying was that the blood and flesh that fell off of the bridge had attracted some strange and scary fish. These fish had many hooks on their backs and black metal-ish scales. Each of them were about 4 to 5 yards (m) long and their huge teeth shined under the bright sun. Even if a living man fell into the river, he would become a pile of bones in just a few seconds.

“God! It’s the bloody ferocious water beasts……S--t! The blood attracted them here……”

Many enemy soldiers started screaming when the fish appeared in the river. It became even more chaotic on the bridge. The enemies panicked more and more, and many of them fell into the mouths of the beasts. Some of the fortunate enemies held onto the edge of the bridge and tried to climb back up the bridge, but soon, their bodies were slammed into by other falling soldiers; they eventually fell into the river……

“Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!”

Fei switched between Paladin Mode and Barbarian Mode freely. He used the Paladin’s auras – 【Might】 and 【Prayer】 to minimize the casualties of the strongmen, and swung the Barbarian’s huge axe to crush the enemies.

“Boom boom – !”

Soon, they were at the middle of the bridge – the thinnest place on the bridge. The trebuchets were right in front of them. Fei blew off the enemies in his way with his axe and kicked a trebuchet that weighed about six or seven hundred pounds. As if he was kicking a soccer ball, the trebuchet flew off of the bridge and crushed into the river. It killed off some of the water beasts. Some enemies were blown into the river by the momentum of the trebuchets, too.

The mad charges were unstoppable. In a couple hits, out of the six trebuchets, four of them had been pushed off the bridge by Fei and the strongmen……

Everything was turning out as Fei expected; it was even smoother due to the enemies’ chaos.

At that moment, something happened –

“[Exploding Sun Strike] – !”

After a loud shout, a huge red energy strike that carried a mountain-like pressure flew over the enemies and was aimed at Fei and the strongmen.

Fei’s pupil contracted.

It was enemy’s three star warrior – Swordsman Landes.

He finally arrived.

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