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Hail the King Chapter 520.1

Chapter 520: Thug, Chick, and Hooligan (Part One)

“Next, I need to find Akara and Cain to figure out how to use the [Worldstone].”

After arranging everything, Fei stood outside of the building and thought about what he should do next. Suddenly, a series of intimate yet strange cries sounded by his ears. He rubbed his temples helplessly and patted the head of the three monsters who were following him tightly.

It seemed like these three were hard-stuck to him. It didn’t matter where he went, these three monsters would follow.

Fei was still very curious about the three mysterious creatures in front of him.

These little lizard-like Demon Beasts were probably ancient species. Otherwise, their eggs wouldn’t look like fossils. Also, Fei got them from a very mysterious source; he bought the eggs from a mysterious old man who was selling stuff from Mythical Ruins, and that old man disappeared after Fei brought things from him. No one in Dual-Flags City knew what they were.

However, these three creatures were too smart!

In less than one day, they adapted to their surroundings and had the intelligence of eight or nine years old kids.

Now, Fei realized why they were so friendly towards him.

Before these creatures came out of the egg, Angela asked him to detect and see if there were still lifeforms in the eggs. Therefore, although he didn’t discover anything, some of the power of his Druid Character was left in the eggs, and these creatures probably thought that he was their dad.

“Haha! Three little followers! Right, you guys don’t have names yet. I will give you names so that it will be better call you. Eh, the red one, since you can spit fire and like to fight, I will call you Thug, haha! The blue one, you are cuter than the other two and is shy like a female; I will call you Chick…… Hehe, you! The green one, you try to look cool so that I will call you…… Hooligan. Hahaha! These three names are great! You guys must like them, haha!”

Since Angela and Elena weren’t going to die, the [Worldstone] got purified, and he somehow got three mysterious yet powerful Demon Beasts, Fei was in a great mood. Therefore, like a prankster, he gave them their names while ignoring their protests.

In the end, the three creatures had to accept it.

However, it seemed like the three creatures started to realize that their ‘dad’ wasn’t too reliable.

“Ok! That is settled! Thug, take Chick and Hooligan back to your mom and protect them……” Fei said. However, as soon as he said that, he almost burst out laughing.

The three Demon Beasts understood the King, and Thug nodded excitedly and patted its chest. Then, it took the other two back into the building and laid down around Angela and Elena.

Although they were little, these Demon Beasts were powerful. The two girls were in an even safer place.

At this moment, Torres suddenly walked through the door and saluted. He asked, “Your Majesty, what should we do to those two captives of Big Snow Mountain? Do you want to interrogate them right now?”

Torres paused for a second and signaled with his eyes. He wondered if the King wanted to torture the captives since they destroyed the Mayor’s Mansion and almost killed Angela and Elena. If the King didn’t stop him, Warden Oleg would have skinned them and turned them into meat paste.

Fei thought about it and shook his head. “I have no time to deal with them now. Lock them up! Since Arthur locked their Warrior Energies with his own energy, they should be on the level of ordinary people. After I take care of the urgent matters, I will deal with them myself,” he said.

The most important thing right now was to wake up Angela and Elena; Fei didn’t want to be bothered with anything. Of course, Fei won’t let [Snow Mountain Hermit] and Tony go. He was going to teach them the lesson when he has time.

“As you wish.” Torres bowed and left.

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  1. Tom

    Hope the girls wake-up and change the beasts names.

  2. Niniim

    “Yes, let’s lock up ennemies that tried to kill two of my loved ones even tho I’m known for my brash and decisive actions. I’m sure they will never escape ! That’s simply impossible.

    I’m mean, killing them or ordering someone to kill them would take too much time, even if they are only as strong as ordinary people !

    And they will be guarded by people who just now failed to protect my queen and my companion, so I’m sure that no one will be able to break them out.”

    – Fei, the greatest genius of the century

    • ForgetMe

      Are you retarded? Cause I think you are.. if you read properly you would know that Arthur locked their energies within them so shut tf up

  3. Mx

    Shocked he didnt kill those two.
    Wow those were bad names hope the girls change them

  4. Rafid

    Are we going to just simply forget that there were 4 demon beasts brought by the Diablo girls? Didn’t Angela took those 4?

    • Nuex Mark

      they are staying in chamborgs city of heroes and the rouges are probably taking care of them

  5. SirBootySlayer

    Those names are so shìtty. Seriously, change them now

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