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Hail the King Chapter 520.2

Chapter 520: Thug, Chick, and Hooligan (Part Two)

Although he didn’t know where Arthur came from, he knew that this boy was a master! The fact that Arthur easily captured two Moon-Class Elites was still being talked about by the warriors of Chambord.

Also, since it seemed like Arthur was the King’s friend and also the subordinate, Torres calmed down a lot. With such a powerful master in the city, Chambord didn’t need to worry about the sieges of the enemies.

After some consideration, Torres asked another question, “Your Majesty, how should we deal with the two members of the Holy Church that you brought back?”

“Eh…… Send someone and bring them back to the church in the city. Let the Holy Church heal them up.” Before having a comprehensive plan and strategy, Fei didn’t want to get in direct contact with this mammoth on Azeroth Continent.

After getting other things organized and ignoring the meeting requests from commanders and nobles, Fei entered Diablo World directly.


Three days later.

A new altar was constructed in the new courtyard, and it was more than 10 meters tall.

The light-yellow stones created nine level, and each level was a circular disk was about one meter tall. If one took a closer look, they would realize that it was almost a replica of the Mythical Altar.

Even though there were fewer magic engravings, the patterns and arrays still filled the altar.

The Saint Seiyas of Chambord, who were fully armored, circled around it, displaying their murderous spirit.

“You sure that this will work? There is no danger?” Fei circled around the small altar and asked.

“You asked the same question more than 100 times. If you are not annoyed yet, I am. I can promise you that it is safe!” Akara said helplessly. Thank god that she could understand Fei’s internal state. Otherwise, she would have already started swearing. After all, anyone would be annoyed if someone asked them the same question more than 100 times.

“Eh……. Ok.” Fei scratched his head.

Angela and Elena were placed on the top level of the altar, and the purified [Worldstone] laid in a small dent between them. As this precious item rested in the pre-arranged location, it emitted waves of pure energy.

A ton of magic engravings and magic arrays were set up around the altar.

Akara and Cain discovered these special magic arrays from studying the runes and symbols floating around on the walls of that mysterious stone room, and they were great at concealing energies and auras. God-Fooling Badges were the extension products of these runes.

Since this altar would pull energy from the [Worldstone], the vast and pure energy would attract the attention of the masters nearby. Therefore, they had to utilize these magic arrays to hide everything.

“Alright, let’s start,” Akara said after she finished engraving the last magic array onto the altar.

Just as Fei got close to white-beard Cain, this old man shouted before Fei could speak, “Shut up! I know what you want to ask! I can promise you that it is 100% safe!”

Fei was a little speechless.

Just as the last magic array was engraved correctly, both Akara and Cain used the three perfect magic gems that were prepared ahead of time to activate the outer stealth array. A thin layer of light sphere appeared and enveloped the altar and the area around it.

All sensations were blocked off, and it felt like a Small World of its own.

Then, Akara and Cain activated this mimicked Mythical Altar using nine perfect magic gems.

Except for the ninth level that wasn’t moving, all other eight levels rotated rapidly. Sparks flew, and a small tornado was almost created. On the ninth level, the [Worldstone] shone brightly, and the blue light lit up both Angela and Elena.

Fei paid close attention to this.

The process was short. After about 30 seconds, the altar slowed down, and the [Worldstone] on it dimmed and no longer emitted the blue light. Everything returned to its original state.

Fei was extremely nervous. As he looked at Cain and Akara who were sweating buckets, he opened his mouth and asked, “What is going on? This fast? Did it…… Fail?”

The process was too quick and too simple! Fei couldn’t believe it!

“No, it should be successful,” Cain rubbed his nose and gave a weird answer with a strange expression.

TL NOTE: Got to say, the author gave them some nice names! LOL!

P.S. A big shout out to Janet O. and Saskia C. Thanks for the support on Patreon!

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  1. Rhydec

    I pity Chick if it turns out to be a guy…..

    • Carlosott

      You oughta pity the kings future children, i really hope the king let the mother pick the name, because otherwise… good luck to those children.

  2. SaDDisT

    Cute names hahaa

  3. Zalpha

    Although I think the names are bad they are actually really good, at least from a readers point of view. Red-Fire=Thug, Blue-Ice=Chick, Green-Nature=Hooligan. I can come back like a month or more latter and still remember them.

  4. Alejandro Ferro

    No matter how i read it, it really is wrong… Let´s asume that Seiya(the saint of Athena and anime protagonist) is not named like that and instead he is named “Pedro”, so it would be “Saint Pedros” intead of “Saint Seiyas”, feels wrong either way, it should be “Saints”

  5. Zenzen

    i just notice Elena did not get summon back to diablo world after 6hours

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