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Hail the King Chapter 521.1

Chapter 521: Return (Part One)

“It should?” Fei was a little shocked as he understood the underlying meaning. “Should? You mean you aren’t sure about this method?”

“This…… This method came from [Demon King’s Wisdom]…… The Priestess and I discovered it, but we never used it before…… Eh, don’t be anxious. Although this is the first time, I can promise you that I tried these engravings in the stone room and in [Rogue Encampment], and they have no issues,” Cain quickly explained as Fei’s expression turned from shock to nervousness and anxiousness.

“Fei, don’t worry. I don’t think there is an issue.” Akara looked at the ninth level of the altar and tried to promise Fei. At the same time, she stared at Cain and complained, “I told you that the 134th magic engraving in the one-fourth of the star region is wrong. I told you that it is a tri-bend pathway, and we should use McPherson hook method. But you end up treating it as a half-arc pathway, and you used a Taracha hook method. See? There is now a problem.”

“That is nonsense! McPherson hook is not proven, and the tri-bend pathway would disperse the magic energy. Only the combination of Taracha hook and half-arc pathway is the most stable……” Cain yelled as he got a little infuriated. Whenever it involved a technical problem, this pair of diligent research partners would argue with each other loudly.

“You……” Fei was shocked and angry at the same time.

Now, the King realized that the two mad scientists were using this life-saving operation as an experiment.

“So, their promises are worth nothing?” he thought.

However, the King was so nervous that he didn’t have time to scold the two not-so-reliable elders. He instantly dashed onto the top level of this altar, and he was so anxious that his fingers shook violently. He didn’t dare to open his eyes and look at the two girls beside him since he was afraid that he would see them pass away after the experiment failed.

“Eh….. Ah, this……”

A weak, familiar, and unforgettable voice suddenly sounded by Fei’s ear. Although it was quiet, it was like a rumble of thunder to Fei. At that moment, Fei suddenly felt like his shaking soul even calmed down.

It was Angela.

“She…… She is really awake?” Fei’s heart trembled.

One of the girls who was lying down on the ninth level of the altar suddenly opened her beautiful eyes. She looked a little confused as she didn’t know how she got to this place. However, the cautiousness in her eyes disappeared as she saw the person standing in front of her. She showed her bright and breathtaking smile at her loved one.

“Alexander…… Why am I here? Where am I? Enemies…… Are the enemies gone?” Angela quickly thought about what was happening when she fainted, and she instantly got anxious and wanted to get up.

“Don’t move,” Fei said as he quickly got close and held onto her soft body. With nervousness written all over his face, he asked, “Is there anything wrong? Don’t worry, the enemies are all defeated, and I have captured them. You can do whatever you want to them. How are you feeling? Tell me……”

Fei was extremely anxious when he said that.

The altar only moved for less than 30 seconds before stopping; it was too fast. Fei was worried that this un-tested procedure might leave some sequelae.

“Eh…… Yeah, I’m feeling a little uncomfortable……” Angela thought about it and frowned; it looked like she wasn’t feeling well.

Like a pair of invisible hands, her frowny expression instantly held onto Fei’s heart.

However, a prankster-like smile instantly appeared on her face next. She laughed and said, “Haha, look at you! I’m just a little hungry.”

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  1. BellCross Wolfstein

    I really wish Fei would bone her already so that we would be done with the Holy Virgin nonsense with Angela.

    • hikikomori hachiman

      But maybe the author could be planning for them to get together by the end of the novel or something.
      Most of the main leads are vir*ins till the last arc.
      It’s like they are the main villain to conquer instead of the real villains….

  2. hikikomori hachiman

    … Am I the only one that didn’t felt any motion during this saving the girl arc?

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