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Hail the King Chapter 523.1

Chapter 523: A Strange Dream (Part One)

Black Tornado’s four limbs were as thick as pillars of a palace. Even though its four-meter long tail didn’t lose any fur, a bone sphere that had a diameter of half a meter and had spikes on it appeared on the end of its tail; it looked like a hammer, and the tail looked similar to the tail of an Ankylosaurs. When Black Tornado wiggled its tail, a huge wind would be created.

Also, the fur around its neck grew out a lot, and it looked like a cloud of black flame. There were now two sharp horns that were 40 centimeters each on its head, and its sharp teeth looked like knives. When it opened its mouth, a thick sulfur smell would also appear as if it was going to spit out the fire.

No one knew if this big black dog had a Beast Crystal in its body, and no one knew if it could be counted as a Demon Beast.

However, everyone knew that its combat ability was on another level. The mutated Level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts were too weak in front of this dog. Only a Demon Beast that was Level 8 or higher could match up against this dog that had been consuming [Hulk Potion] for a long time.

When Fei first tested [Hulk Potion] on it, he never imagined this outcome.

“Ruff! Ruff” Black Tornado’s barks were filled with intimacy. It laid down in front of Angela, and excitement was written all over its face.

Although Angela who was standing up was shorter than its head, this scene looked extremely heart-warming.

Everyone at Chambord knew that if it weren’t for Angela who took Black Tornado back from the back mountains of Chambord when it was only a little puppy, it might have starved to death or became another beast’s food. Even though it had been following Fei around, its bond with Angela didn’t decrease at all.

“Blacky, you grew even more……” Angela stood on her tiptoes and lightly rubbed its head as she communicated with it.

“Woof!” Blacky stuck out its tongue and tried to regulate its breath. It didn’t want to blow Angela away. However, it couldn’t contain itself and started to wiggle its tails rapidly; it was the natural response for a dog when it saw its master.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bone sphere with spikes on it swung around with its tail, and huge pits were created by it.

As chipped rocks and tiles flew into the air, everyone had to jump away while laughing.

Hooligan that was standing on its back legs and looking cool suddenly got interested in Blacky’s tails. It got close to the tail and wanted to grab it to take a closer look. However, it wasn’t fast enough and got smashed by the tail instantly. As Hooligan cried, it got knocked away and only stopped when its body hit a wall. Then, it slid down the wall slowly as if it was a cartoon character.

However, both Thug and Chick didn’t do anything when their ‘brother’ got bullied. Instead, they got in front of Blacky and made some sounds animatedly. It looked like they were greeting their boss and saying how powerful Blacky was.

These four beasts met two days ago, and they fought each other. Blacky easily defeated the other three creatures, and it became their boss.

There was a unique way that animals and beasts got along with each other.

For a moment, laughter filled the area. All the tribulation and struggles finally went past Chambordians, and peace and joy returned.

Fei didn’t stay and eat with Angela; he was worried about Elena’s condition.

Therefore, after he organized all the miscellaneous duties in the city, he entered Diablo World.

This time, he decided to enter the Normal Mode.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of air-piercing noises created by flying arrows sounded by his ears.

By the tents in [Rogue Encampment] where the female rogue lived and practiced their techniques, Fei saw the Valkyrie who was pale but was still practicing her archery.

At this moment, she was still the brave Valkyrie who would never back down from a ferocious battle.  With the bow in her hand, she looked determined and sharp. Looking from afar, her figure was beautiful and unparalleled.

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  1. Neuro

    I have to ask. when you use “meter” to describe black tornado’s proportions, are you sure you don’t mean “Feet” because the size that BT is being described as right now is a little absurd considering it doesn’t seem like he was struggleing to fit inside of wherever it is that angela is resting right now. also it seems like more people would see it and be horribly disturbed by its presence. as an example google a comparison picture of an isisaurus compared to a human being. and isisaurus is 6 meters tall and 17 meters long. also the proportions it has at this point even disregarding the horns and spikes should already make anyone who sees it disregard a dog as an option for what it is. its length is almost 3 times its height. even the most disproportionate dogs might not reach its length being double its height. I realize that most likely black thunder is going to turn out to be a dragon Fou foo dog or just straight up a shenron looking dragon, but it feels like his description is so bizarre and misshapen that i can’t properly imagine him.

    • Teleclast

      This was also concerning me. 6 feet might make some sense. 6 meters is beyond the level of ‘you got a bit bigger’

    • Carlosott

      You guys have to remember that the commom sense in this world is different from the one in ours, in our world blacky would be a freak but in this world he might just be weird.

    • Hey Neuro, thanks for the comment. I have checked the original work, and that is indeed Blacky’s size. It is 6 meters tall and 17 meters long. However, that length does incorporate its tail that was 4 to 5 meters long and its horn that about 0.4 meters long. Therefore, its body proportion is actually 6 meters tall and about 11 to 12 meters long, similar to a regular dog. It is just that it is insanely huge, like a dragon.

    • Niniim

      I saw Blacky as a black dog version on Silf from Dark Souls, at least until the whole scales and bone sphere things…

  2. Rubik

    Did the author forget about the whole half moon tribulation that fei was supposed to get after exiting the sea palace?

  3. Mal Halos

    i pictured a black colored Falkor the luckdragon from Neverending Story. that was a mix of a dog and a dragon too.
    this is a example. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Falkor?file=Vlc_2014-06-16_09-09-04-97.bmp.jpg

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