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Hail the King Chapter 523.2

Chapter 523: A Strange Dream (Part Two)

The bow she was using was a hardwood bow, and arrows were sharpened tree branches.

However, each arrow would leave a series of afterimages in the air, showing an indescribable aura.

If her face wasn’t pale and she didn’t look fatigued, no one would know that this Valkyrie just woke up from a ten-day coma and escaped from the embrace of the Grim Reaper.

As she heard the familiar footsteps, Elena’s body shivered lightly as she turned around.

As if she couldn’t believe her eyes, she murmured, “Is it really you?”

She looked delighted, but that turned into anxiousness. She quickly asked again, “Fei, is it really you? I had a long and strange dream. I was wandering in a world of no one, and I went to every place where we were at for battles. I met you many times there, but you were only a phantom…… This time…… Is it really you this time? Please don’t leave. Please stay with me for a little bit.”

Fei couldn’t help but felt heartbroken when he saw her weak and powerless expression.

Elena was summoned back into Diablo World when she woke up, so she didn’t know what was going on in the real world. She didn’t know that she was saved by the [Worldstone], and she thought that she was still in her dream. Therefore, she wasn’t sure if she saw the real Fei or another phantom.

“It is me, Elena. You have woken up, and this isn’t a dream. Due to the natural laws in this world, you were pulled back here when you got healed.” Fei walked to her and caressed her smooth cheeks. He said with love, “Everything is back to normal. You can feel the temperature of my fingers, right? It is really me.”


The wooden bow in this Valkyrie’s hand fell onto the ground.

Her hands that were stable and held onto her weapon during all times started to shake.

Fei didn’t say anything more. He simply embraced her.

At this moment, no distracting thoughts were on his mind. He felt an unprecedented peacefulness.

After this scary incident, Fei finally knew how important these two girls were to him.

Before, Fei had been hesitating. He still believed in monogamy, and he felt like he had to make a painful decision and choose between Angela and Elena. However, after the two girls both stood up and risked their lives for him when he was in danger, he suddenly felt like he couldn’t leave either of them when he saw their faces when they were unconscious.

It was quite an experience.

Fei lived in both Diablo World and the real world, and he got to meet both of these amazing girls. The special encounters and events made him somehow have two unique relationships. Now, the King realized what was going on, and he decided to reach out both of his hands and not let either of them go.


“You are saying that you met Angela in your strange dream?”

On the summit of Mount Arreat in the fifth map [Harrogath], Fei wrapped his arm around Elena’s shoulder as they sat down and looked out into the clouds. The huge continent and the majestic Harrogath City could be barely seen, and the two of them were enjoying this rare peacefulness. Fei felt like his soul was even enjoying this moment.

This time, Fei didn’t hurry up and kill monsters to level up.

For the first time, he took some time out of his schedule to walked around Diablo World with Elena. In the last few hours, they didn’t run around, get bathed in the blood of monsters, and complete missions. Instead, like tourists, they wandered around the places that they once battle through but didn’t get the chance to enjoy the scenery.

“Eh, when I lost consciousness, I had a bizarre dream. I was in a strange world where there isn’t any limitation of space and time. I saw many people’s phantoms there, including yours. However, only Angela gave me the feeling of a real person. She kept me company, and we both looked for you together. We both encouraged each other and believed that you would find us and save us from that cold world.” Elena smiled and leaned her head on Fei’s shoulder. With a smile on her face, she added, “Fei, you didn’t let us wait for too long. I knew that nothing in this world could stop you.”

“Eh, if you praise me too much, I will become too proud,” Fei smiled and replied. At the same time, he started to think over what Elena just said.

TL NOTE: Another more transitional chapter. Stay tuned for more actions!

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