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Hail the King Chapter 524.1

Chapter 524: The Prisoners and Warden (Part One)

“Could it be……” Fei suddenly thought of a possibility.

“Could it be that it wasn’t a dream? Could it be that both of their souls were injured and entered a special space? For some reason, they were able to see each other and get warmth from each other? Therefore, they both remembered what each other said. Even enough their souls were healed, and they returned to reality, they would still remember what happened.”

Fei was a little surprised, and he asked, “Oh right, what did you and Angela talk about in your dream?”

“Eh? We talked about everything. Angela told me about the stories between you two. She told me about all that had happened in Chambord. I also told her everything that happened between us and in Diablo World. It is a dream, after all, so no one else could know about it. I like that feeling. I enjoy hearing stories about you before we met, and I also enjoy telling others about you killing monsters and saving Diablo World. Everything I hear your name, I would temporarily forget about the feeling of isolation and loneliness in the dream and feel very calm.”

Elena told Fei about everything that had happened with hesitation.

She was such a girl. She was powerful and wasn’t shy and fragile like ordinary girls. In terms of relationships, since she and Fei were lovers, she grabbed onto Fei’s hand comfortably and told him how she felt. To her, all of this was normal.

“Elena, what if…… Eh, what if Angela knows about what you said in real life?” Fei asked. He thought about it and felt like perhaps it was a good thing.

“Ah? It would be fine if Angela knows about it. I don’t want to hide it from her. Fei, Angela told me in my dream that she doesn’t mind. I can tell that Angela is a great person,” Elena said lightly.

Fei was a little bit relaxed.

If his guesses were correct, then this was a good thing. The two girls stayed with each other for a long time, and they were able to get to know each other better. Since both of them thought that it was a dream, they weren’t holding anything back. The fact that they opened up to each other made them more empathic, and it was much better than Fei explaining everything to Angela on his own.

After they saw on the summit of Mount Arreat a little longer, Elena dusted the snowflakes on Fei’s shoulders and said with a smile, “Fei, I know that you want to keep me company, but we shouldn’t waste any more time. Let’s go and kill the hell monsters! That would increase our strength, and we need that to protect Angela! If we are stronger, what happened ten days ago won’t happen again.”

Fei knew that this Valkyrie was thinking for him, and he was touched. He nodded and replied, “Ok, let’s go together. Old rules apply! You need to stand behind me all the time! Don’t get in front of me and just let me protect you.”

“Eh.” Elena held onto Fei’s hand.

Both of them disappeared into the portal created by [Town Portal Scroll].

In the next hour, Fei and Elena entered the Nightmare Mode. Since Elena’s strength didn’t increase in the last while, Fei didn’t take her into the second map [Lut Gholein]. Instead, they went to [Rogue Encampment] so that Elena could get used to this difficulty level first.

The monsters in the Nightmare Mode contained a lot of experience points, and Elena leveled up rapidly.

In the hour, they completed the first three quests, and Elena killed 460 monsters with the help from Fei. The 460 drops of the golden liquid turned her from Normal Mode Level 91 to Nightmare Mode Level 6. It was a drastic change!

The gaming time limit of the day was up, and Fei had to leave Diablo World.

Since Elena left Diablo World for ten days, the natural law in this world locked her down, and she wasn’t able to leave Diablo World for ten days. She could only leave after the time she missed in Diablo World was made up.



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