Chapter 525: The Real Reason (Part One)

The fact that his dreams were realized by someone else was cruel yet fortunate.

This warden didn’t see Fei battle and destroy enemies with his own eyes, but that didn’t stop him from making Fei his idol. However, due to his low status, he didn’t tell others that his idol was King Alexander; he felt like he wasn’t even qualified to make the Head Commander and the Spiritual Pillar of Dual-Flags City his idol.

In the morning when he heard that King Alexander was going to come to the prison to interrogate the prisoners, he was so excited that he also jumped out of his chair.

To him, being able to see his idol from afar was already a dream come true.

When he finally met Fei and was fortunate enough to act as the tour guide, he felt unprecedentedly calm. He kept telling himself, “Yeah, only such a handsome young man who is beloved by all gods could become a hero to many!”

Therefore, when he heard Tony shouting at Fei, this warden swung his whip. A part of the reason was that he had been working this job for a long time, and he was used to punishing prisoners who were disobeying the rules viciously. Also, he was trying to do all that he could to protect his idol.

However, after a few whips, this warden regretted his decisions.

He suddenly remembered that King Alexander wasn’t a cruel and vicious man.

“Perhaps what I did didn’t protect His Majesty’s honor but rather stained it. His Majesty is bright and straightforward, but what I did is evil,” he thought.

As he kept on regretting his decision, he heard Fei’s comment.

That suddenly acceptance stunned this warden who was doing self-reflection. Then, he got extremely excited. At that moment, he felt like his mind turned blank He forced himself to hold onto the emotion he was feeling and didn’t lose himself. However, he was now worshipping Fei who was like a god in his mind.

Even the four half-naked warders felt some warmth after hearing what Fei said.

“You are just trying to fool me!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] suddenly laughed and shouted after a moment of silence, “The honor of warriors should be realized on the battlefield. You shouldn’t be staining a warrior’s body using these dirty torture instruments. Hahaha, King of Chambord, the fact that you are punishing a warrior this way is a sign that you have fallen. It looks like you are no longer a respectable warrior! You are no longer a real nobleman! Hahaha! I also discovered one of your secrets! Hahaha, you are involved with Undead Mages! That little guy is an Undead Bone Dragon in human skin, right? Haha, you will one day be placed on the burning cross on the Saint Mountain of the Holy Church. Hahaha……”

A strange smile appeared on Fei’s face as he said, “Huh? Undead Magic? What are you talking about? Undead Bone Dragon? What? Are you talking about a novel?…… Wait, are you trying to throw dirt on me? Such a dirty yet basic framing technique. Do you think it will be useful?”

“Framing? Throwing Dirt? Hahaha, if that damn kid didn’t use Undead Energy, how could I be captured by someone who is on my level? His evil Undead Energy is currently suppressing my Warrior Energy! I lost my combat ability because the Undead Energy blocked my energy channels! Hahaha! King of Chambord, pray! One day, the masters of the Holy Church will discover this. They will come here and reveal your real identity. By then, the entire Zenit Empire will crumble and fall because of you! Hahahaha! Although you captured us, you exposed yourself! You are witnessing your death!”

“Really? I’m so scared! What should I do?” Fei put on a terrified expression.

“There is only one way. If you let us go, we will help you out and say that we were injured by an Undead Energy Trap in the Mythical Palace. After all, I don’t want to get too involved with the Holy Church either. This is your best option. Otherwise…… Hehe, we will die together! Your ending won’t be much better than mine!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] said as he laughed loudly; the feeling of threat and revenge filled his face.

“Oh? Really? You reminded me. However, I have another option. Why don’t I kill you two right now and dispose of your bodies?” Fei’s bright and confident smile made his prisoners a little uncomfortable.

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