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Hail the King Chapter 525.2

Chapter 525: The Real Reason (Part Two)

“King of Chambord, you are smart. You know that the thick Undead Energy sensation would be left here even if you kill us. By then, you won’t be able to explain yourselves even if you have 100 mouths.” [Snow Mountain Hermit] said slowly yet firmly.

“Oh, thank you for your praise. Perhaps I will reconsider your suggestion. However, I want to talk about something else.” Fei looked at Tony who was struggling and laughed, “To be honest, I been curious. Since someone like Prince Fairenton truly likes you, it means that you aren’t an idiot. But why are you treating this Tony like a treasure? Why did you use everything you have to pull him into the Moon-Class? Could it be that you are the only person who couldn’t see that he is a piece of trash? Why are you still protecting him after he betrayed you?”

[Snow Mountain Hermit]’s face changed color when Fei brought up this topic. He snorted and didn’t say anything.

“Haha, since you are not willing to say it, then let me take a guess. Perhaps…… This trash in front of me is not only your disciple but also your son? This makes a lot more sense now!” Fei sat down on the stone chair and said with a slight smile on his face.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] was stunned. “Why do you know?…… That is none sense! You……”

“What? You don’t want to admit? Alright, I have to admit that I was shocked this information in the beginning as well. However, this is the only explanation to why you favor this trash-like person…… The fatherly love sure is great; it is great enough to turn the wise ruler of a Cultivation Saint Land to a selfish and idiotic person who couldn’t even make good decisions. Oh, please don’t take it the wrong way. I’m not trying to make fun of you.”

“You……” [Snow Mountain Hermit] lost all of his calm.

Even though he was usually calm and collected, he got anxious at the moment. This secret that he kept for a long time got exposed just like that! As if a healed scar was torn open again, this suddenly change took him by surprise, and he lost his cool.

After seeing his expression, everyone in this cell realized that Fei was stating the fact.

Tony who was shaking out of fear and resentment suddenly stopped.

At this moment, this young man felt like he suddenly understood everything; all of the questions on his mind were solved.

“No wonder master forgave my reckless mistakes and helped me so many times. He used his own Warrior Energy to help me increase in levels, and he even used the only Perfect-grade Magic Gem and other treasures and array formations of Big Snow Mountain to advance me from an Eight-Star Warrior to a New Moon Elite……”

This reason explained everything.

“Save me! Father! Save me! You have to save me!” Like a drowning person who grabbed onto a life-saving straw, Tony struggled and shouted.

“Eh……” [Snow Mountain Hermit] sighed, and it felt like he aged more than a dozen years in that second. After a long while, he looked up and said in disappointment, “Your Majesty, I’m sure that you aren’t here to talk about this little matter alone. What are your requests? I will agree to all of them. Even if you want me to tell the people of the Holy Church that I’m an Undead Mage, I will do so and help you cover up the Undead Energy here. Even if you want to kill me, I will let you without fighting back. I will do anything you want if you can let Tony go this time.”

The fatherly love was just too great. What [Snow Mountain Hermit] said indirectly confirmed the relationship between him and Tony.

At this moment, he was completely defeated by Fei.

After he said that, [Snow Mountain Hermit] looked at Fei and waited for the King’s response.

TL NOTE: The truth is spilled! But I feel like most of you guys already guessed it.

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  1. Tom

    There was only 2 reasons for his attitude to Tony; that he was his son or he was going to use him for a technique.

  2. Zalpha

    I did think he was his dad but I though it more likely that he was the b-----d kid of some uber King from far away would then put his sights on MC once this business with the others empires was completed to further the story.

    With all the clues I wasn’t looking forward to seeing MC recklessly killing him and walking into an obvious plot trap.

    Thanks for all the chapters so far. XD

  3. Disappointed Hat

    Seems like time for recruitment… “Please drink some of this green liquid and be my subordinate”

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