Chapter 526: Last Chance (Part One)

“I’m touched by your fatherly love. Unfortunately, you aren’t qualified to talk about terms with me.” Fei shook his head coldly and said, “Everyone has to pay for what they did. In your situation, you have to die! Even though you are the ruler of Big Snow Mountain and one of the powerful warriors in the region, you are currently my prisoner. Do you think I’m here to talk about conditions with you? You are wrong! Way too wrong! Don’t think of me as a noble, and don’t try to talk about honor and dignify with me. I’m simple! An eye for an eye! I’m here to enjoy the pleasure of being a winner! Compromises are for the weak! It is not something a winner should do!”

Fei’s voice resonated in the cell.

This answer didn’t fit a noble’s image; it was more like the answer of an ordinary person. Therefore, the warden and the four warders didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with this response. Instead, they felt like it was supposed to be that way. They felt like the King of Chambord was closer to them and wasn’t a fake noble who spoke of dignity and honor all the time.

“You……” [Snow Mountain Hermit] felt like he was struck by something invisible, and he had a hard time breathing.

“You…… You are a madman! You are crazy!” Tony who was in a state of desperation screamed, cried, roared, and howled. It felt like he was a fish out of the water.

At this moment, both [Snow Mountain Hermit] who was calculative and calm and Tony who was on the verge of experiencing a mental collapse felt an unprecedented chill to their bones. They sensed a unique aura on this king. Like a hungry wolf that would never forgive and forget, this king was crazy enough to make his enemies regret making him their foe.

“Hahaha! Kill me then! When the masters of the Holy Church discover the Undead Energy in this place, your doom will arrive! Hahaha! The Chambord Kingdom that you love and are protecting right now will be wiped out!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] gave a response. He moved his body violently and tried to get free, and he shouted at Fei angrily as the loud metal-colliding noise resonated in the cell.

“Really? You guys have been locked up here for more than four days. Are four days not enough for the masters of the Holy Church detect the Undead Energy?” Fei snorted, “You should know that although the arrogant misters of the Holy Church are dull and lazy, they won’t hesitate for a bit when facing Undead Energy. Why aren’t they here yet?”

[Snow Mountain Hermit] was stunned.

What Fei said hit him in the head.

He had been wondering about this for the last few days. After the Undead Bone Dragon used his Undead Energy, it should be enough to trigger the masters of the Holy Church. When the Undead Bone Dragon locked up his Warrior Energy, a thick and dense cloud of Undead Energy was used. In theory, the Holy Church should have been immediately alerted. However, four days passed by, and the people of the Holy Church still didn’t come.

At this moment, [Snow Mountain Hermit] suddenly thought of something he had neglected, and his pupils contracted instantly.

“Looks like you finally thought of something. However, it is too late.” Suddenly, a layer of golden energy flames appeared on Fei’s body, and it got rid of the gloominess and chilliness in this prison. As a peaceful and warm sensation filled the cell, the King smiled like the victor and said with disdain, “I’m the chosen one of the Holy Church. I have golden Holy Power and is loved by the God of Light! I’m a representative of the lord; how could I be involved with the evil Undead Mages? If you want to frame me, you have to come up with a better reason. Even a three years old child won’t believe your ridiculous statement!”

“How…… How is this possible?” [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s heart sunk.

It was true! If the King of Chambord were a [God’s Favorite Child], then it would be impossible for him to mix with Undead Mages.

“But…… That Undead Bone Dragon is indeed his subordinate! What is going on?” [Snow Mountain Hermit] thought.

For a moment, this man who was calculative felt like his brain couldn’t comprehend the current situation.

Suddenly, changes occurred.

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