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Hail the King Chapter 526.2

Chapter 526: Last Chance (Part Two)

He was surprised that the Undead Energy that was locking down his Warrior Energy started to melt like the snow on a hot summer day. His energy channels became unimpeded, and his strength as a low-tier Half Moon Elite was recovering rapidly.

“Don’t be surprised. Your strengths will soon recover completely. I, the King, will give you two the last opportunity. Do you see the tunnel behind me? If you can defeat me, then you could leave alive.” Fei pointed at the tunnel that led to the only exit of the prison and signaled the warden and the warders to move away, in case that they would be injured in the upcoming battle.

“Sir…… Please be careful,” the warden suddenly turned around, got brave, and said to Fei worriedly.

“Eh, thank you.” Fei lightly patted this warden’s shoulder. A dash of golden energy rushed into this warden’s body and completely healed all the hidden injuries in his body; he had been working in this cold and gloomy prison for years now, and there were a lot of hidden injuries that he wasn’t even aware of.

In the next moment, Fei switched to Barbarian Mode, and his pure physical energy spread out of his body and covered the entire cell. The silver energy sphere protected all walls, and it was impossible for [Snow Mountain Hermit] and Tony to escape without beating him.

After Fei touched the warden, this warden felt like he became ten years younger. His legs became lighter, and all of his life goals and dreams came back to him.

He didn’t say anything and quickly left the cell.

He stopped as soon as he stepped outside the cell and waited there patiently.

The battle between Moon-Class Elites was about to take place, and the entire prison might even be destroyed. However, due to his absolute confidence in the King of Chambord, he didn’t go any further.

“King Alexander…… Is Invincible. He will win for sure!” this warden told himself. Although he heard that those two prisoners were terrifying Moon-Class Elites, he still believed in the King of Chambord.

The four half-naked and vicious-looking warders didn’t leave as well. They stood in a row behind the warden and waited.


Tink! Tink! Tink!

The handcuffs and iron chains were easily broken like melted cheese.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] finally landed on the ground, and he reached out his hand.

Whoosh! Burning flames appeared on his hand, and the last bit of black energy was kicked out of his body.

This black energy was the Undead Energy that Arthur left in his body.

This energy was originally indestructible, but it was greatly weakened by Fei’s Paladin Character’s aura and started to melt. In the meantime, [Snow Mountain Hermit] used his own Warrior Energy and sped up the process. After a minute, all of the Undead Energy was gone, and his strength was completely restored.

On the other side, Tony who also recovered looked ecstatic. As soon as he broke off the handcuffs and iron chains, he didn’t say anything and leaped into the air. He didn’t have any courage to face Fei, so all he wanted to do was to escape. He tried to smash a hole in the ceiling with his body and didn’t even care about [Snow Mountain Hermit] who was his father.

A mocking smile appeared on Fei’s face.


A muffled noise sounded.

Tony screamed and fell onto the ground. He was bleeding from his head.

He used all of his force in this leap as he thought that he could break through the ceiling. However, he didn’t even cause a ripple in the silver energy sphere.

As a sad expression appeared on Tony’s face, this gloomy young man suddenly thought of something. He kneeled and begged, “Your Majesty. The great King of Chambord! Please don’t kill me! I know a secret! A big secret! I overheard it from the execution team of the Holy Church! If you let me go, I will tell you. I promise that it is a valuable information! I didn’t even tell my master…… A God-tier Combat Weapon is about to appear in the level 36 region in the Mythical Palace! Whoever could get it will advance into Sun-Class and become a legend……”

Fei heard what Tony said, but he didn’t respond.

As if he didn’t hear it, [Snow Mountain Hermit] also didn’t say anything and just unleashed all of his Fire-Elemental Warrior Energy.

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  1. Snehil Kumar

    I don’t know if I should laugh at Tony idiocy or should be sympathetic with hermit.

    • OG

      I’m sympathetic. A little. SMH should have told him the news before….

  2. Rhydec

    Fear not the godlike foe but the pig companion

  3. Angel

    F*CK MR. CLIFF IoI ahahahaha 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  4. Neuro

    how did tony become what he is? sometimes i truly never understand how these gutter trash characters were raised to become what they are. I understand a person growing up to be useless or cowardly. but how do you become useless, cowardly, AND cruel AND stupid? it just seems as if something along the way would have stopped at least one of these features from propogating in your personality.

    • OG

      Lots of hand me down traits from dad is my guess….

      He had his own, and learned from observing Snow Mountain Hermit using his own… Monkey see…

      Kinda like most millionaire “I sit on the board” types, most have 3 + of these characteristics….


      It happens because his dad never told him he had one.

  5. Leon

    I laugh when read that so called treasure xD hahahahaha

  6. Buhri

    Fei pass the image of these high ranking villains in churches on novels, that are corrupt and have deals with demons, dark creatures and so on, yet no one can do anything about it because of those ppl position…

  7. hikikomori hachiman

    Sigh… why are they so important that these two characters are still being mentioned in this story?
    Even that baldy got killed no a few seconds…

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