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Hail the King Chapter 527.1

Chapter 527: One Strike to End It All (Part One)

[Snow Mountain Hermit] was a lot more experienced than Tony, and he saw what Fei was capable of on the [Elemental Altar]. He knew that this young man whom he could easily defeat about ten days ago was now too much for him to deal with. This young man was the most terrifying enemy he had ever made.

Therefore, he wasn’t in a hurry to strike. He continued to unleash his Warrior Energy and tried to exert all of his potentials. His Warrior Energy, spirit, body were in harmony, and he knew that he might only survive if he cast his most powerful strike.

“When I use my most powerful strike and distract the King of Chambord, you should try to escape from that tunnel instantly. If you can get out, try to become an ordinary person. Don’t try to get revenge on the King of Chambord. He is too powerful for you to deal with…… Eh, now think of it, I spoiled you too much. I’m the one who harmed you.”

[Snow Mountain Hermit] didn’t move his lips, and he sent a voice transmission to Tony using his powerful Warrior Energy.

There was no way that Fei didn’t discover this.

He shook his head and felt a little empathetic toward [Snow Mountain Hermit]. After all, this father was still thinking for his useless son. If it weren’t for his unconditional love, perhaps Tony won’t be this arrogant and unreasonable.

“One strike to end it all!” Fei suddenly stepped forward, and his powerful aura expanded. A huge vague Barbarian Warrior Totem appeared behind him, and he said, “If you are still alive after we punch out together, then I will let you and your son go!”

“Ok!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] answered loudly.

At this moment, he was already at his peak, and he struck out without any hesitation.


Outside the prison cell.


Boom! Boom!

After about three minutes of quietness, two loud noises sounded and caused a small earthquake.

The explosion also destroyed the prison. Small rocks and clouds of dust started to fall from the ceiling, and the stone stairs that had black mosses on them all cracked.

This huge change shocked that warden and the four warders, but they didn’t move their steps at all. They continued to wait patiently.

After a minute, a series of footsteps sounded. As a result, their hearts started to race.

The battle was over.

Who won?

Finally, a figure appeared in front of them. It was King Alexander.

“Sir!” The five of them saluted as Fei walked out of the cell.

“Eh, thanks for waiting. Later, someone will come here to pick up these two corpses. You only need to wait here patiently. Also, don’t try to damage their bodies. All the grudges between us are now gone, and they were once masters after all,” Fei said to the five people gently.

“As you wish!”

Fei nodded and got out of the prison.

After the warden and the warders looked at each other, they all turned around and walked into the prison cell. They all wanted to see what happened.

As soon as walked in, what they shocked them so much that they wanted to scream and run out.

Someone was still alive in the cell.

With blood dripping down his lips, [Snow Mountain Hermit] sat on the ground steadily with a dull expression. There was a terrifying concaved fist mark on his chest, and this concavity was deeper than two inches. There was no blood around it, and the skin and the bone in the area weren’t damaged. However, this fist mark was clearly seen. It looked like it was carved out by the master craftsman.

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    Fei let him live feeling bad… And unburdening him from Tony.

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