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Hail the King Chapter 528.1

Chapter 528: How About Joining Us? (Part One)

“Your Majesty, the Queen heard that many warriors and soldiers were injured while protecting her. Therefore, she went to the military camp with Emma and the four pets to thank them.”

This maid named Autumn was one of the girls who was gifted to Fei by the big forces in St. Petersburg during the competition between the affiliated kingdoms.

She had been with Fei and Angela for a while, and she had joined the Chambord Kingdom by getting residency there. She knew this easy-going king very well. She went from the initial timidity to the casualness. Since she was used to the chill atmosphere at Chambord, she wasn’t scared of Fei. Instead, like a girl who was looking at a hero, she answered Fei brightly.

Since Autumn was adoring and admiring him, Fei felt pretty good about himself.

He nodded and smiled.

After ten days of sleeping, it was good for Angela to go outside and walk around in the sun.

Then, Fei suddenly thought of people such as Emperor Yassin, Domenech, and Hazel Bank who were still inside the level 36 region of the Mythical Palace. In order to save his lovers as soon as possible, Fei rushed back to Dual-Flags City.

“Did Emperor Yassin successfully kill that white-robed mage? Did the Undead Mage recover his full strength with the help of the abundant natural energies in that Small World?” Fei thought.

The [Elemental Gates] could only be used once in 20 years, and Fei couldn’t enter that mysterious and magnificent Small World even if he wanted to. He could only wait now if he wanted to know the answers to the questions on his mind. Once the Mythical Gate closes, all the masters in the Mythical Palace would be ejected out of there.

Fei already got a lot from this trip.

First of all, he successfully purified the [Worldstone]. Then, he got his hands on the Sky Castle, the mysterious stone throne that had unique abilities, and that huge and strange pillar. At the moment, the throne and the pillar were both in Fei’s body. The former could be controlled and summoned by Fei, but the latter was non-responsive. Fei had no idea where this stone pillar that was broken by someone came from, and he didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

As he was thinking about this mysterious stone pillar, he suddenly thought of the huge skeleton beside the Mythical Altar that disappeared after the altar was activated. He had an ominous feeling about it.

He had to find a time and explain all of this to Akara and Cain.

Out of everyone around him, only these two mad scientists could help him do the research and figure out the secrets.

As the King was thinking back to what he gained and lost from this trip, Torres walked in quickly and whispered into Fei’s ear.

“Huh? Did they recover this fast? Eh, let them in.”

“As you wish!”

After Torres walked out, a series of footsteps sounded.

Under Torres’s lead, three people wearing robes of the Holy Church walked into the building.

The person walking in the front was someone who was about 60 years old. However, his body was strong, and his vitality was on par with young people. His long and thick white hair wasn’t tied up, and he was holding onto a black wooden wand as he moved forward. His facial features were unique; he had thick brows and big eyes. Although the robe he was wearing looked ordinary, he was giving off a direct and righteous aura; it felt like he was a straight sword that would never bend in front of power and evil. Anyone who was seeing him for the first time would get a good impression of him.

Behind him, there was the young priest Jessie and the Holy Knight Alan who were saved by Fei.

The elder in the front was quite aggressive. He looked at Fei up and down, and a smile appeared on his face. He nodded and said, “It is an honor to meet you, Your Majesty. I’m the Right Deacon of Black-Cloth Shrine, Batistuta. Thank you for saving Jessie and Alan’s lives a few days earlier.”

Jessie and Alan quickly walked up and bowed at Fei to show their gratitude.

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