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Hail the King Chapter 529.1

Chapter 529: An Accident (Part One)

Out of the three, Batistuta was the most nervous.

This righteous elder was looking at Fei as if he was a young man who proposed to the girl he loved. His ‘passionate’ and ‘steamy’ stares were enough to melt iron.

To him, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A few days ago, the former Bishop of Black-Cloth Shrine got a hint from the gods when he was praying, and he predicted that Jessie was going to encounter a huge trouble during this mission. Batistuta was worried that the most talented genius Black-Cloth Shrine ever got after the traitor Platini incident might die, so he rushed to Dual-Flags City as the Right Deacon of Black-Cloth Shrine.

When he got to the church in Dual-Flags City, both Jessie and Alan who were greatly injured were sent back. He was infuriated that someone tried to kill Jessie, and he used a portion of his life energy to heal Jessie. Afterward, he learned from Jessie that the King of Chambord, Alexander, was a [God’s Favorite Child] and had golden Holy Power.

This news shocked Batistuta.

For many years now, Batistuta’s only responsibility was to travel across the northern region of the continent, find a [God’s Favorite Child], and restore Black-Cloth Shrine’s prestige and honor.

According to the traditions and customs of the Holy Church, only the shrines with [God’s Favorite Children] were loved and cared for by the gods. Therefore, once Black-Cloth Shrine got its own [God’s Favorite Child], they would go back and become one of the main shrines in the Holy Church. They would then be able to push their [God’s Favorite Child] forward and potentially make them into the Pope, gaining the chance of restoring the glory that Black-Cloth Shrine once had.

Unfortunately, in the last 100 years, Batistuta wasn’t successful.

Of course, he was able to make some progress.

There were at least three times.

He was able to find three [God’s Favorite Children], but the endings were the same.

Two of the people were lured and taken by other shrines who were closely monitoring Batistuta’s actions. By giving more promises and more benefits, other shrines robbed those two [God’s Favorite Children] away and destroyed Batistuta’s hope.

It was a known fact that Black-Cloth Shrine had fallen. Its power and influence were a lot inferior compared with other more prominent shrines.

The last [God’s Favorite Child] Batistuta found was a six years old boy from 33 years ago. Due to the deep bond between him and Batistuta, this boy rejected invitations from all other shrines and decided on joining Black-Cloth Shrine. However, he died mysteriously on the way back to the headquarter of Black-Cloth Shrine.

It was clear that someone assassinated this [God’s Favorite Child] who wasn’t even mature yet.

Batistuta was enraged and caused a lot of trouble in the northern region.

However, there wasn’t much that he could do other than that.

Black-Cloth Shrine and the other shrines knew that all of this happened because Pope Blatter was still worried about Black-Cloth Shrine and was monitoring it in secret. He was afraid that his former mortal enemy would get breathing room and revive.

If Black-Cloth Shrine didn’t have a glorious history, didn’t have a large believer base, and didn’t create creed and beliefs that significantly affected the Holy Church as a whole, it would have been wiped out a long time ago.

For all these years, even though Batistuta was desperate and mad, he didn’t give up hope.

Like a convicted criminal who was looking for a way to redeem himself, this elder has been looking for opportunities crazily.

Therefore, after he heard that Fei was a [God’s Favorite Child], he had been planning.

In the last three days, he locked himself in a small room and used all of his connections and networks to get information on Fei. From how the King was born an idiot to how revealed his strength during the defense of Chambord to how he became a leading character in the young generation of warriors in Zenit……

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