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Hail the King Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Enemy’s Response

“Haha, great! Daddy has been waiting for you!”

Fei was expecting Landes to show up. In the dark, an assassin was dangerous, but once the assassin exposed himself, all his hidden danger would be gone. That was why Fei was relieved, rather than surprised. He laughed as he used his long prepared 【Leap】. He stomped his feet and he flew up off the dust. He held his axe tightly and concentrated his full strength into this one strike.

“Rip –“

This strike produced an almost inaudible noise, as if someone was tearing up a thin piece of paper.

Compared to the three star warrior Landes’ [Explosive Sun Strike], which was so fancy that its energy almost covered up the sky, Fei’s strike was plain and looked like a lumberjack was hacking at a tree.

But to everyone’s surprise, Landes’ 4 to 5 yard (m) long energy slash which seemed to be able to destroy the sky was chopped in half by Fei’s axe. The two waves of energy flew past Fei and disappeared after a small explosion.

At the same time, very quickly-

“Tink, tink tink, tink, tink!”

Numerous sparks appeared in mid-air. The two were fighting in mid-air at a speed that human eyes couldn’t even follow. The sound of metal colliding and sparks from the collisions were suddenly the center of the battle. Soon, both of them roared and backed off……

“Tap, tap, tap!”

Both of them were pushed a couple steps back and breathed heavily as they landed.

In the series of exchanges, both of them had used their most powerful skills. Landes relied on his sophisticated sword techniques. Like a phantom, he stabbed at Fei twenty eight times in a single breath. Because the axe was very heavy, Fei only was able to strike six times; he tried really hard to block the attacks with his huge axe most of the time……

Both of them didn’t leave any wounds on the other’s body as they had wish. Although Landes kept his calm demeanor, he was inwardly shocked.

He started to rush towards Fei and the strongmen right after he received the command from the silver masked knight, but due to the large number of retreating soldiers and the fast pushing speed of Fei and his followers, he wasn’t able to arrive on time until the Tower Shield-Dragon Lance formation was destroyed. The spearmen and swordsmen formations were dismantled and the siege ladders and trebuchets were almost all gone.

When he finally arrived at the center of the battlefield, he instantly identified the unstoppable opponent who was covered in blood and leading the massacre. It was the ‘beast’ who injured him on Chambord’s defensive wall yesterday. The bloodiness and wild nature of the ‘beast’ had left a scar in his mind, and he was still a little bit scared of the ‘beast’ even after a full day. He was hesitating and didn’t attack right after he arrived.

Landes gave up his pride as a three star warrior and hid in the chaotic sea of soldiers and attempted a sneak attack.

He was trying to finish off his nightmare off with his [Explosive Sun Strike], but who knew that the ‘beast’ seemed to be ready and didn’t panic under the sneak attack. The beast jumped up and chopped the air in half with his physical strength and cracked his proud technique [Explosive Sun Strike].

“What level of physical strength does he have?”

From the mid-air combat, Landes felt the ferocious strength of his opponent. Compared with their previous battle, the beast’s strength had increased by almost double. Every strike of his that hit the “door-sized” axe caused his arm to become numb from the force of the impact. It was as if he was trying to pierce a hundred-layered iron.

After Landes landed, he didn’t dare underestimate Fei. He gathered up all his energy and maintained his peak strength. Red energy flames covered him completely, which got rid of the numbness in his arm. He was ready for battle.

On the other side.

After that short exchange, Fei had also obtained a lot of information.

The physical strength of a level 12 Barbarian was enough to handle a three star warrior and their energy, but the Barbarian class lacked proper techniques. Fei sharply sensed that although Barbarians were the masters of close ranged combat and could master all types of weapons, they hadn’t developed a complete system of techniques. Except for their incredible special skills like Warcry, the combat skills and techniques of Barbarians were sorely lacking compared to the warriors on Azeroth Continent.

“It looks like I have to spend some time to learn more combat skills and techniques.”

Although Fei was thinking, his movements didn’t slow down at all. He hit his armour with his axe. “Tink!” It sounded as if the sound smashed the enemies in their hearts. Then he roared to the sky “Bless me, God of War”, and his axe turned into a blade storm in his hand and struck at Landes.

“Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!”

The sound of metal colliding.

Landes’ attack speed was way faster than Fei, but his strength was not as strong. Whenever Fei striked, Landes’ sword would turn into a shadow and pierce at the same spot on the axe a couple times to cancel out the terrifying power of the axe.

It was a battle between two different types of power.

One was wild and powerful, full of destruction.

One was complex and dense, and could strike more than ten times in a second.

Landes had utilized his three star warrior’s energy completely. The spilling energy flew away from the battle like meteorites. They smashed into the bridge, causing small pieces of stones from the bridge to fly everywhere.

In a while, more and more dust and stone chips were blown to the sky; even the blood and limbs on the ground were blown up. They spun and whirled in the air and slowly formed a red cyclone. Looking from afar, it was like a growing bloody red tornado.

The tornado grew bigger and bigger and completely enveloped Landes and Fei. Only sounds of metal colliding and loud roars came from inside the tornado, and the people on the outside couldn’t see what was happening on the inside.

The battle was very aggressive.

The bloody red tornado had separated the bridge in half. Both the strongmen such as Pierce and Drogba on the north side and enemies on the south side of the bridge couldn’t participate in the battle. They had to stand far away and observe. They had to wait for the result of the battle; they felt intense and their hearts beat wildly.

Because of the ‘break time’, the chaotic enemies had slowly calmed down. Some enemy officers shouted and commanded, trying to reassemble their formations. After the Supervision Team chopped off more than twenty heads of deserters and placed them on the tip of their lances, the chaos finally stopped.

Seeing this comforted Landes, who was having a hard battle with Fei. He yelled at a couple of enemy officers, “I will hold him off! You guys go and kill off the rest of them!”

The effect of the battle between Fei and Landes was too powerful; the whole bridge was cut off and the ordinary soldiers couldn’t pass through it. They would be blended into pieces along with their weapons and armour by the overflowing energy. However, it wasn’t that hard for the officers who possessed some energy. After hearing Landes’ shout, a couple enemy officers who were desperate to earn military honours jumped up and moved towards the strongmen to kill them, while trying to avoid the battle between Fei and Landes.

“F--k off!”

Fei roared as he saw what the enemy officers wanted to do.

A terrifying power hit the enemies like a sound wave and shook their souls.

It was the 【Howl】 of the Barbarian.

The level 5 【Howl】 was much stronger than the 【Howl】 Fei used on Landes the day before. It had not only scared Landes and caused him to attack slower, but also terrified the four enemy officers who jumped up. Their energies froze for a second in their bodies; they all fell from mid-air into the bloody red tornado and were blended into meat paste by Fei’s axe.


A series of gasps filled the bridge. Taking the life of four enemy officers who were all almost one star warriors using only a shout was a performance that almost caused the soldiers on both sides to bite their tongues. The enemy’s newly reassembled formation was getting chaotic again; many enemies felt their legs trembling uncontrollably.

“Don’t be scared! Keep going, the master had commanded: anyone who kills an enemy on the bridge will be rewarded 1,000 gold coins……”

As Landes pressured Fei with thirty three continuous strikes, he encouraged the officers. Bravery would appear under heavy rewards. The quality of the enemies was demonstrated by the reward; dozens of officers who possessed some level of energy jumped up and flew towards the strongmen.


Fei roared again, 【Howl】 was initiated and the devastating mind power exploded.

“Whoosh, whoosh……!”

Five or six enemy officers fell off again and were blended as they screamed. However, Landes reacted quickly this time and [Explosive Sun Strike] was aimed at Fei’s face. The red flame energy filled the sky and suppressed Fei’s power. Finally, about eight of nine enemy officers were able to successfully jump over the bloody red tornado and grinned evilly as they sprang towards the strongmen.

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