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Hail the King Chapter 530.1

Chapter 530: Dare to Even Touch My Finger? (Part One)

The Bylaw Enforcement Officers and the Saint Seiyas of Chambord were standing behind Angela and Emma, and so were Blacky, Thug, Chick, and Hooligan.

On the other side, there were more than 40 people who were either priests or Holy Knights of the Holy Church. At the moment they were sneering and looking at the people of Chambord coldly.

The person who just spoke was the person who had the highest status among them. The red and black stripped robe meant that this mid-aged man was at least someone who held the position of Vice-Bishop and up in the church in Dual-Flags City.

From what he said, it sounded like he wanted to take Thug, Chick, and Hooligan away.

“Your Highness, I think you are mistaking. They aren’t the Godly Creatures of the Holy Church. They had just hatched from fossil eggs a few days ago. Many people witnessed it.” Angela was surprised as she didn’t understand why the people of the Holy Church would say that. Therefore, she tried to explain the origin of the three creatures to this priest patiently.

“Humph! Shut up! Full of lies! I said they are the properties of the Holy Church! Do you dared to question the judgment of the gods?” the mid-aged man said with greed in his eyes.

At the moment, this man was so excited that his body was shivering a little.

“Damn it! This is unexpected! The dragons that are said to be extinct appeared in Dual-Flags City!” he thought.

As soon as this man saw the three creatures, he started to observe them. He had once read a book in the library of the Holy Church that walked about the legends, described what dragons looked like, and had their illustrations.

After looking at the three creatures, he was sure that they were the legendary Fire Red Dragon, Frost Blue Dragon, and Metal Green Dragon. He thought that the gods had just given him an enormous gift!

Dragons! When was the last time that a dragon appeared on the continent? When was the last time that a Dragon Knight existed?

He was sure that if he could capture these three dragons and send them to the headquarter of the Northern Region Church, the Bishop of the Regional Church, Platini, would be very pleased. By then, he could even become the Bishop over a big empire!

After thinking about that, this mid-aged man got even more excited. He sneered and said, “How dare you steal the Godly Creatures that were being nurtured by the Holy Church and show them in public? I don’t think you guys need to go anywhere. The males will be arrested and made into mine slaves, and the females will be sent to the Choir and sing for the gods!”

“You are not reasonable at all. You are saying that these creatures are the properties of the Holy Church, but can anyone prove that? You can call them and see if they answer back,” Emma opened her mouth and said in a sarcastic tone.

“Reason? Hehe, I am the reason in Dual-Flags City. I represent the gods! You are doubting my words, which means that you are doubting the gods! How dare you?” this mid-aged man said arrogantly. It was clear that he was not going to talk about logic and reason with the people of Chambord.

He had been operating and behaving this way for a long time now. He and his peers were used to justifying their behaviors in the name of the gods. The fact that others were mad but didn’t dare to say anything satisfied their sick minds

Due to the outbreak of this conflict, more and more people surrounded them.

Soon, more than 100 people circled them and murmured among themselves while pointing their fingers.

“Those bullies of the Holy Church again? Did you see him? The person leading the group is named Barton. He is the Vice-Bishop of the church in Dual-Flags City. He is arrogant, violent, and vicious. Except for the Bishop, no one else dares to mess with him. Which poor soul got targeted by this devil?”

“Sheesh! Lower your voice! Do you want to die? If Barton hears you say bad things about him, he will say that you are staining the gods, and your entire family will be burned alive on the fire crosses!”

“Huh? Wait…… it seems like the warriors of Chambord are standing up against Barton…… They are King Alexander’s subordinates……”

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    Do you imagine if Seiya wa not named “Seiya” but “Pedro” instead?
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    Thanks for the chapter and the work done, huge fan.

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