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Hail the King Chapter 530.2

Chapter 530: Dare to Even Touch My Finger? (Part Two)

“No way! Is Barton daring enough to mess around with His Majesty?”

“This devil who should be boiled alive in the hell is such a bad egg! He is messing around King Alexander…… His Majesty might be in trouble. Unlike the nobles in Dual-Flags City who were conquered by His Majesty, the Holy Church is an organization that even the Royal Family of Zenit don’t dare to mess with…… Let’s just hope that King Alexander will be alright.”

“Hey, don’t be so negative. The outcome might be different. King Alexander is a hero! He must have ways of dealing with Barton. Just watch……”

The residents of Dual-Flags City didn’t dare to get too close. They formed little circles and talked about this incident.

They were aware of the recklessness and the unreasonableness of the members of the Holy Church.

During normal times, they would use all kinds of ways to get money from the residents. But in this war with Jax, they didn’t say anything and remained neutral. That disappointed a lot of people who were hoping that they would stop the war.

Now, when the war was pausing a little, these members of the Holy Church jumped out and tried to mess with King Alexander and his subordinates who saved the city. There was no way that the residents of Dual-Flags City weren’t angry.

Vice-Bishop Barton sensed how the people in the area were looking at him with disdain. He sneered and glanced around, and everyone looked down and avoided staring right at this vicious and cruel priest in the eyes.

After that, Barton laughed proudly. He turned to the people of Chambord and provoked, “I know that you are the subordinates of the King of Chambord and are all powerful. You guys can each fight against more than 100 enemies on the battlefield, but what can you do right now? Even if your King Alexander is here, what could he do? Does he dare to fight with the Holy Church? What? Why do you look angry? Your poor bugs. What can you do to me? Come! Come here and beat me! Yuck! If you even dare to touch my finger, Chambord as a whole will pay dearly! Hahaha! Come and try me if you don’t believe what I said……”

“This b*stard!” white steam came out of Drogba’s nostrils as he was infuriated, and he was about to step forward and punch Barton.

However, Robbin who was beside him pulled him back.

Since the Holy Church was a mammoth on the continent and could make any other force reconsider the consequences of fighting with them, the members of the Holy Church became more and more arrogant. Robbin was one of the less impulsive warriors, so he stopped Drogba, fearing that this strongman might cause a ton of trouble for the King.

“Hahaha! Big guy, come at me! Come on; I’m standing right here. Who dares to even touch my finger?” Barton saw that and provoked proudly.

“What if I, the King, am daring enough to touch your finger?”

At this moment, a cold voice sounded from afar. Then, a silver dash of light flashed by, and a muscular and handsome figure appeared in the area after everyone’s vision blurred.

The King of Chambord!

An invisible pressure dispersed into the area and even the air became denser.

“Your Majesty!” the warriors of Chambord such as Drogba got excited.

Angela and Emma also looked relieved. Since King Alexander was here, they all knew that the issue was going to be resolved.

“It is Mr. Alexander!”

“Mr. Alexander is here! He saved Dual-Flags City……”

“It is my honor to meet His Majesty! Hail the King!”

The residents of Dual-Flags City who were in the area reacted quickly. Some people instantly identified Fei, and a series of gasps sounded. Most people weren’t expecting to see the King here today, so a lot of them got excited. Some people even directly kneeled and chanted ‘Hail the King.’ The atmosphere of the place instantly got heated.

What was happening was a clear indication of Fei’s influence in the city.

After seeing this, Barton’s pupils contracted. Although he was a member of the Holy Church and shouldn’t be fearful of a little king, he became a little alerted after seeing Fei. For some reason, he sensed danger!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three more dashes of lights landed on the ground.

They were the Right Deacon of Black-Cloth Shrine, Batistuta, young priest Jessie, and Holy Knight Alan.

A series of gasped sounded. The residents in Dual-Flags City thought that masters of the Holy Church were here to support Barton.

After seeing the arrival of these three, Vice-Bishop of the church in Dual-Flags City released. He could tell that they were members of the Holy Church, and Batistuta was mighty.

Barton thought that he had back up, and the fear that appeared in his mind instantly disappeared.

He walked up a few steps, raised his head, and looked down at Fei with a provocative expression.

He sneered and laughed proudly to try to reduce Fei’s presence, “King of Chambord? I know about you. Young man, it makes sense that you are proud. After all, you have some achievements. However, you need to make sure you know who you are talking to. I’m the Vice-Bishop of the church in Dual-Flags City, and I’m here to manage Dual-Flags City by order of the gods. If you dare to even touch my finger, you…… Ah!”


A crisp noise sounded.

Then, a series of bone-crackling noises sounded.

As people watched in surprise, the King of Chambord slapped Vice-Bishop Barton in the face, and a mouthful of blood shot out of Barton’s mouth alongside some white teeth. Half of his face collapsed and concaved in, and his body flew backward like a broken sandbag.

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    Do you imagine if Seiya(from anime series) was not named “Seiya” but “Pedro” instead? Then in this translation it would be “Saint Pedros” lmao haha, but no matter what i say is not going to change T_T

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