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Hail the King Chapter 531.1

Chapter 531: Want to Make You the Pope (Part One)

“You……” Vice-Bishop Barton was stunned. Some of his teeth were gone, so his speech was unclear. “Yee…… Daaar…… tu heee meeee?”

As the other members of the Holy Church helped him to stand up, he rubbed the half of his face that got destroyed subconsciously, and he felt like his mind went numb and couldn’t sense any pain just yet.

He couldn’t believe that the King of Chambord dared to attack him.

“Isn’t he afraid of the punishment from the Holy Church? Attacking any member of the Holy Church is equivalent to attacking the gods. Any offender will be hunted down by the Execution Department of the Holy Church.”

“Why couldn’t I?” Fei got close to Barton and his henchmen under everyone’s stare. He sneered and asked, “Didn’t you say that I don’t dare to even touch your finger? I touched all five of your fingers. What can you do to me?”

“Yoooo, you arrrr……. Deeed!!” Barton was infuriated. He only reacted after he sensed the pain on his face. Even though this was the case, he wasn’t scared. He was enraged, and he shouted, “Go! Kill him! Quak!”

However, the other members of the Holy Church weren’t impulsive as him.

These people who were dominating in Dual-Flags City with the church robe on them were all stunned by Fei’s ruthless actions.

“Since he is daring to slap the Vice-Bishop, he won’t hesitate to beat me……” they thought.

Therefore, with fear on their faces, none of them dared to go up to attack or question the King.

“I’m dead?” Fei laughed.

He reached out his hand and grasped onto the thin air. A huge energy surged out of his palm and sucked Barton over from afar.

Pia! It was another slap.

This crisp noise made the people who couldn’t believe their eyes realize that they were dreaming.

Fei didn’t use his full strength, but the physical strength of the Nightmare Mode Level 34 Barbarian was too high. Even a deep handprint would appear on a thick iron plate if Fei pressed his palm against it. Therefore, Barton’s other half of his face got slapped, and his cheek swelled as the last three teeth flew out of his mouth.

The bystanders were stunned!

“Mr. Alexander is really fearless! He even dares to beat a high-ranking official of the Holy Church!”

As the crisp slapping noise sounded, all the residents in the area were worried for Fei. At the same time, they were thrilled since Fei did something that they wanted to do for a long time.

Some people even started to cheer, but their friends soon stopped them. After all, Barton and his henchmen might remember who cheered and go after them later.

“Your Majesty……” Jessie said as he tried to stop Fei subconsciously.

“Don’t move. Let him do what he wants.” Batistuta raised his arm and blocked this young priest. He shook his head and explained, “It looks like you don’t understand your savior’s personality. At the moment like this, you better not stand in his way……”

Batistuta looked at the priests, who were so scared that they almost crapped their pants, and said, “These idiots have been arrogant, bullied the followers, and stained the honor of the gods. Since they are corrupt and blind, they should pay the price.”

Pia! Pia! Pia! Pia!

As Batistuta was talking to Jessie, Fei already walked into the group of priests and started to do work. As he slapped around, those priests screamed, and they flew backward as if someone threw them out.

“You are dead!……” Barton wasn’t unconscious yet. He pointed at Fei as he screamed and threatened, “Hahaha, you hit the members of the Holy Church…… You are done! You can’t escape and hide anywhere! Hahaha, since you are so fearless, why don’t you kill me? Come on! Come here and kill me!”

“I won’t kill you.” Fei walked to Barton and stepped on his hand. The King sneered and broke the bones in his hand into pieces and said, “But I will make you beg for death! The Holy Church? It doesn’t matter who it is; if you want to take others’ stuff, be aware of the potential consequences!”

“You…… You……” Barton was experiencing so much pain that big drops of sweat fell down his face, but he was still trying to be tough. “Kill…… Kill if me if you can. You…… You will regret this……”

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