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Hail the King Chapter 531.2

Chapter 531: Want to Make You the Pope (Part Two)

Fei sneered again after hearing this, and he crushed the hand bones in Barton’s other hand.

Suddenly, he realized that Angela wasn’t too far away, so he didn’t want to make the scene too bloody. He waved at the warriors of Chambord and commanded, “Arrest these arrogant bad eggs! Give each of them 100 whips, and make sure that you don’t kill them. After that, pick one and tell him to report this to the Bishop of the church in Dual-Flags City. I want to hear his explanation. Could anyone in the Holy Church rob my pets?”

“As you wish!”

People like Drogba, Pierce, and Robbin were enraged, to begin with, and they all laughed after hearing Fei’s command.

They rushed over and copied the King’s actions, beating these members of the Holy Church who were all bullies. Like sheep in front of tigers, these people couldn’t defend at all. They were soon tied up by thick ropes, and they were dragged into the military camp despite their cries.

Then, a series of whipping sound resonated in the area.

The soldiers of Chambord were highly efficient in this matter.

They could tell that the King hated those guys, so they didn’t hesitate to use their full strength. The members of the Holy Church who were spoiled by power and physically weak all screamed and cried loudly.

The whipping noises and the cries sounded horrifying, but the residents of Dual-Flags City didn’t feel any empathy for them at all! In fact, they all wanted to run over and whip these b*stards themselves!

Barton who fell into a state of unconsciousness was thrown onto a piece of wooden board and dragged into a prison cell in the military camp. He could only be saved by the Bishop of the church in Dual-Flags City, David Boyd.

Angela didn’t say anything, and she didn’t show any empathy as well.

First of all, the rudeness and the arrogance of Barton and his henchmen even made Angela, who was a super understanding and peace-seeking girl, mad. Second of all, compared with Barton and the priests, she cared more about Fei. Since Fei showed his rage that was rarely seen, Angela came over and comfort him.

After that, she went back with Emma and the four creatures.

She never participated in the matter of the military.

However, it seemed like Batistuta discovered something, and he stared at Angela with interest. It was something that Fei didn’t want to see.

Batistuta only stopped looking after Angela made a turn at a corner and disappeared.

“Mr. Batistuta, I think we could resume our prior topic.” Fei frowned and invited the three of them into the military camp.

“What do you think? Are you willing to join our Black-Cloth Shrine?” Batistuta was a little excited after hearing Fei bringing this up. He felt like it was moving in a favorable direction.

“Please don’t mind my straightforwardness. Right Deacon, your suggestion is not attractive at all. Everyone knows the situation that Black-Cloth Shrine is in. It is essentially like a pit of fire. Anyone who jumps into it will get their butt burned. If I want to, I can choose a shrine that is more powerful and more influential, and I don’t need to bear the danger and uncertainty.”

The soldiers already prepared tables and chairs in the military camp, and Fei sat down before the main table as he said with a smile on his face.

Batistuta nodded and replied with a bitter smile on his face, “Your Majesty sure is direct and honest. I do admit that what you said is true. However, Your Majesty probably understands this analogy: giving a poor farmer a pan of hot burning coal during the winter means more than giving a noble a block of expensive cheese at a dinner party. You are intelligent; you must understand the difference.”

“Oh? You mean I can get more benefits after joining Black-Cloth Shrine? Right?” Fei said as he waved his hand. The soldiers stopped the punishment, and the members of the Holy Church finally stopped screaming; they were now all whining. One lucky person among them got untied, and he was asked to report this incident back to the church.

“Your Majesty sure is direct. You are right; that is what I mean,” Batistuta turned serious as he added, “I can promise to you that if you accept my offer now, you will become the supreme Bishop of Black-Cloth Shrine. Anything you say will be interpreted as the words from the gods, and you can use all the resources of the shrine and command the masters. Believe me, Your Majesty. Even though we have fallen compared with before, we had a glorious past. Our accumulations are beyond imagination.”

“Wow! Are you trying to lure me in? It finally sounds a little more attractive. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Tell me, what do I need to do if I join?” Fei asked. Such a promise would move anyone. However, Fei knew that he wouldn’t be getting all that for free. As the principle goes, the more you get, the more you need to sacrifice.

“You only need to complete one thing: You need to become the Pope of the Holy Church and become one of the most powerful men on this continent!” Batistuta said with excitement in his eyes, “Believe me! Black-Cloth Shrine will do whatever it takes to push you onto the throne of the Pope!”

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  1. Ryuunokebab

    Man how I hate authors creating drama out of these pointless conflicts that wouldn’t even happen if the mc was just a bit smart.. it just ruins the story and although I dunno what’s gonna happen with the church, I’m already getting less motivated to read the rest of the story with them in the picture, plus authors making female lead special so that they either separate at the start and meet at the end of the novel, get kidnapped, everyone is always after them 24/7, etc.. can’t a novel just have a strong, talented female lead that’s special in her own way but doesn’t invite all unreasonable disasters to the mc? all the propaganda that males always shield the females is just p*ssing me off, nothing happens to males but once someone has his eyes on the female she’s powerless and it’s the mc that has to shield her and that creates a ton of conflicts in the future.. AND guess what but out of so many beautiful and strong females, it’s the one who has close ties to the mc gets targeted even if she’s average… almost every novel I get interested in either have no real female lead, or even though the FL are super talented and op they’re just plush teddies that get thrown around everywhere and mc has to grab it back because the female lead is just so brainless to take care of herself even though she can make mc feel guilty and talk back to him or not listen to him once something crucial happens.. And yeah although I can’t just tell the authors to tailor a novel for me, but I’m fine reading others as well, it’s just that sometimes once authors force r.etarded situations to occur I can’t help but question what brain issues they have.. No offense to Hail the King and this rant is not 100% meant for it alone, but sadly I’ve got no choice but to drop my opinion of it and group it together with the other unfortunate ones..

    • hikikomori hachiman

      Same here.
      And I am afraid I may also rant like you someday in the future. I mean COMMON MAN.
      The Mc is shown as super special, but in-front of the female leads? They are always shown as inferior. But they are the ones that always brings trouble to the Mc. I mean you need challenges to make the Mc train harder but…sigh… that’s why I started liking gaming(especially VR) genre more worthwhile nowadays. Since the Mc are always training and they don’t need that much damsel in distress type plot to continue the story.

      P.S. read ultimate evolution if you want an upgraded version if this author.

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