Chapter 532: Yeah, But It Is Going to Be Hard (Part One)

Fei heard it, and he smiled and shook his head. “Right Deacon, your tone seems casual. Although I only need to do one thing, most of the talented geniuses on this continent couldn’t achieve it. Billions of geniuses on this continent had tried to become the Pope, but less than 300 people made it. Asking me to become the Pope is similar to asking me to swim in a volcano. Could it be that Right Deacon think my fist is bigger than Blatter and my waist is also thicker than his?”

Batistuta laughed after hearing that. He paused for a second before saying, “It is hard. However, it would be easier with the full support of Black-Cloth Shrine.

“Really? Although there is the saying: a dragon that starved to death is still larger than a horse, but I really doubt Black-Cloth Shrine’s ability after falling for more than 100 years. How could it fight against the Pope? If I’m not wrong, Platini’s betrayal harmed Black-Cloth Shrine greatly, and it almost got whipped out.” Fei wasn’t trying to be polite at all! He instantly revealed the most significant scar on Black-Cloth Shrine’s body.

What Fei and Batistuta were talking about was shocking.

They were addressing the Pope of the Holy Church and the Bishop of the Northern Regional Church by name, and they were talking about overthrowing them. If this information got leaked, a storm would arrive.

Therefore, before they started to speak, they each released an invisible energy sphere and enveloped the four o them. The people outside the sphere could only see their expressions but couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

Among the four of them, Fei and Batistuta were the two decision makers. Jessie was the talented genius whom Black-Cloth Shrine was trying to nurture, so Fei wasn’t worried about him. Holy Knight Alan was only a new member of Black-Cloth Shrine, and Fei didn’t know why Batistuta trusted this young man so much. However, Fei didn’t mind this Nine-Star Warrior and didn’t hide anything from him.

Even though Fei and Batistuta weren’t arguing ferociously with red faces, they were bargaining and negotiating intensely. After hearing this for a while, the young priest couldn’t hold back and said, “Your Majesty, please don’t mind my opinion. We represent the gods, and we should be spreading the godly light to every corner of the continent. Our mission is to spread the godly messages to billions of people. Even if we must sacrifice our lives, it would be worth it. It is an honorable and glorious mission. Your Majesty, you are a [God’s Favorite Child] and are beloved by the gods. You should take on this mission and not bargain like the farmers in the markets.”

If anyone else said this, Fei would have laughed and slapped them.

However, it felt undeniable after being said by Jessie.

It gave Fei the illusion as if this young priest was stating the truth and reality.

This was the case because there was a bright and sincere aura around this young man. Ever since he opened his eyes, he had been living with what he just said as his motto. He believed in it, and he measured every single one of his actions by comparing with it. Unlike most of the members of the Holy Church who just spoke and never showed in action, Jessie indeed operated by this phrase and never did anything against it.

Fei smiled and didn’t doubt what Jessie had said.

Although he didn’t agree with Jessie, he genuinely admired people like him.

There were a bunch of people who were just like Jessie. This world sometimes looked cute and lively because of these naive people. The King held respect for people like Jessie, but he didn’t want to become one of them. In his mind, living that lifestyle would be too tiring.

Batistuta lightly shook his head after hearing Jessie’s words.

He could clearly tell that the King of Chambord wasn’t a young man who could be stimulated by inspirational words. Although this king was only a little over 18 years of age, his sly thoughts and new ideas made Batistuta feel like he was talking to an 80-years-old man.

[Sly and gangster-like…… Never step back down when talking about values and principles.]

This was Batistuta’s comment about Fei.

A big shrine in the Holy Church required a [God’s Favorite Child] who was just, empathetic, kind, forgiving, polite, humble, tolerate, and willing to sacrifice oneself. Compared with these criteria, Fei didn’t fit Black-Cloth Shrine at all. However, Batistuta has lived for more than 100 years, and he believed in his own judgment. His sharp instinct was telling him again and again that perhaps a unique [God’s Favorite Child] like Fei was the best option that Black-Cloth Shrine, a fallen shrine, had at the moment.

As Batistuta was about to say something, Fei laughed and said, “Let’s talk about a simpler topic. For example, does the Bishop of Black-Cloth Shrine need to ditch all his possessions? For example, do I need to ditch my family, my kingdom, and my subjects? Do I need to eliminate the desire of mortal?”

What he said surprised Batistuta and the other two young man; they all understood what the King meant.

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