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Hail the King Chapter 532.2

Chapter 532: Yeah, But It Is Going to Be Hard (Part Two)

Right Deacon answered instantly, “Of course not. It looks like Your Majesty doesn’t know much about the rules of the Holy Church. The gods love all their children, and you don’t need to live an ascetic lifestyle. The members of the Holy Church are representatives of the gods, but we are still people. The Bishop of the shrines could be emperors, husbands, and fathers.”

“Oh, Right Deacon, it seems a lot more interesting now.” Fei nodded.

Since this was the case, there were still ways around the current situation. Fei had to admit that his understanding of the Holy Church was still superficial. After hearing what Batistuta had said, Fei felt like the Holy Church was trying to combine the imperial power and the religious power. He had to admit that the person who created this policy was a genius.

“So, Your Majesty accepted our offer?” A thrilled expression appeared on Batistuta’s face.

“Not yet,” Fei shook his head and said, “There is one more thing that is important to me. I want to hear your opinion.”

“Oh? What is it? Please let me know.”

“It is about Angela, my queen.”

Fei added after seeing the confused expression on Batistuta’s face, “She is the black-haired girl who you were looking at. I’m sure you discovered something.”

“Uh……” Batistuta’s expression changed. After a moment of hesitation, he nodded and said, “So, Your Majesty saw that. It looks like you already have some understanding of the situation. That is right, that girl has a godly aura around her. If I am not wrong, your queen is a girl who has Purest Crystal Soul. Girls like her are of utmost importance to the Holy Church.”

“Utmost importance?” Fei rubbed his chin and asked, “How important is that?”

“More important than [God’s Favorite Children],” Batistuta answered firmly.

Fei was slightly surprised. He had been scamming around using his fake identity was the [God’s Favorite Child], and he knew how important this identity was to the Holy Church. At least on the surface, even a Bishop wouldn’t want to offend a [God’s Favorite Child]. It was surprising to him that Angela was more important to the Holy Church than him.

After a moment of pause, he frowned and asked, “Doesn’t that mean the influential figures in the Holy Church will make their moves on Angela?”

“It would happen for sure if other shrines discover it. Even the Pope might get involved. This matter is complicated. Your Majesty, you are a [God’s Favorite Child]. It doesn’t matter which shrine you join, you will have a bright future. However, it is different for the queen. If she joins the Holy Church and becomes the Saintess, it is hard to say whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing.”

Batistuta didn’t hesitate and hide anything; he answered honestly.

This answer sunk Fei’s heart.

“I don’t want Angela to join the Holy Church. Is there a way around it?” Fei turned and asked Batistuta earnestly.

“Yeah, but it is going to be hard.” Batistuta seemed to have understood the King’s intent, and he also discovered this powerful King’s weakness.

“Hard? So, there is a way?”

“Yeah, but it is going to be hard.”

“If I join Black-Cloth Shrine, would it be easier?” Fei frowned.

“It is still going to be hard, but the chance is higher.” Batistuta looked at Fei sincerely and wasn’t planning to force Fei to join the shrine.

Fei nodded. As he was about to say something, a series of clip-clop noises sounded. A bunch of powerful sensation appeared, and loud and chaotic noises resonated in the area. It felt like a group of people was rushing toward the military camp.

Hearing such noises, the members of the Holy Church who were whipped and were lying on the ground got excited. As if their saviors were about to appear, they rolled around and stared at the entrance of the camp.

Barton who almost got killed by Fei also woke up at this time. As he heard the noises around him, he froze for a second before looking at Fei viciously like a poisonous snake that was waiting for the best opportunity to strike.

The Bishop of the church in Dual-Flags City was here.

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  1. kingOlaf

    isnt it just for him to pop the cherry to make all this problems go away?

    • BlindinglyAcute

      That was my understanding as well, that a female with the Purest Crystal Soul has to remain a virgin or else it’s useless. Believe it was even mentioned in the early chapters. This is really the only one of the plots of this novel that I have an issue with because it seems so forced and retarded, like the author is grasping for something motivate to the MC and increase the hostility between Fei and the church. It honestly just comes off as an idiotic plot when literally all Fei has to do is sleep with Angela, especially when they both are madly in love. It’s not like it would be rape. I honestly hate every time the author brings this issue up.

  2. BellCross Wolfstein

    See this? All he need to do is to remove her virgin status. But he still act dumb. Take note, he’s from earth where cliche like this is known through literatures.

  3. hikikomori hachiman

    What [learn] miraculous skill man.
    Can’t even figure out that you just have to de-vi*gin her.
    Sigh…..this restated Mc and this forced plot…

    • hikikomori hachiman


      • Gaurav Shekhawat

        Hahaha i really like the comment section here coz i thought i was the only one who thought like this 😉

  4. softon softie

    do we know that she has to be a virgin? maybe it doesn’t matter because the soul needs to be pure.

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