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Hail the King Chapter 533.2

Chapter 533: Such a Weird Request (Part Two)

“Sir, look! Look at how they treated your servants. Please show them your anger and punish them. I think they should be all placed on the fire cross! Oh right. There are a few good women among them. They could be placed in the Choir, and they could serve the gods and Your Highness.”

“Ah, it hurts! Sir, they have no respect for you!”

The members of the Holy Church, who had said a lot of good things about Chambord when they were begging for mercy while being whipped, turned around and pointed at Fei and the soldiers as they said passionately as if they were heroes who never backed down in front of evil. They showed the whip marks on their bodies and stated how they were treated cruelly by the savages of Chambord.

Vice-Bishop Barton, whose both hands were broken, were dragged to Boyd on the wooden board.

“Mr. Boyd…… Kill the King of Chambord. He……” With viciousness and hatred in his eyes, Barton stuttered and said, “They…… They have…… Three dragons…… If we can get them, we…… We could gift them to……”

In order to get back at Fei, he was willing to share his discoveries with Boyd.

Before Barton could finish, Boyd understood the intention.

Unhidden greedy and joyous lights appeared in his eyes that were almost covered by the fat on his face.

“Get over here! King of Chambord, are you still going to try to resist under the watch of the gods? Kneel and beg for forgiveness! The only way that you could make up for what you did is to hand over all the treasures of Chambord……” Like a dog that was borrowing power from a dragon, silver flames appeared on Boyd’s body as he stated with a sincere expression on his face. He gave a reasonable excuse for his blatant robbery.

Boyd had heard about Fei’s performance in the war against Jax.

He knew for a fact that Fei could easily defeat everyone at the church in Dual-Flags City. However, the people in the Execution Team who came over didn’t mention to him that the King of Chambord was a [God’s Favorite Child], and Boyd thought that the robe of the Holy Church on his body was enough to deal with any master. There had been too many powerful masters who conceded in front of him because of it.

Fei was still smiling and sitting down on his stone chair. The mocking expression on his face showed everyone that he was looking at a clown.

Sensing this, Boyd’s expression changed. As he was about to growl, a series of clip-clop noises sounded.

A team of about 20 cavaliers charged into the camp, and the person in the lead was the former Head Commander of Dual-Flags City, Ribry. This young general with the scar on his face rushed in and shouted, “Bishop Boyd! Please wait! There must be a misunderstanding! I can promise you with my life that Mr. Alexander didn’t mean to stain the honor of the gods. He……”

It was clear that Ribry got the news and tried to resolve the conflict by coming here; he was trying to protect Fei.


“Ribry, you better stand aside. The King of Chambord and his henchmen stained the honor of the gods by beating the members of the Holy Church. The evidence is clear! If you still try to talk for him, I will place you within the same group as him, and I will lock you down with [Bright Chains] as well……”

Boyd had his own plans, and he didn’t give Ribry any time to speak.

“Hahaha! Alexander, I said you are done! You are dead! Hahaha! No one can save you!” Vice-Bishop Barton, who almost recovered after the priests around him used their Holy Power to heal him, suddenly sat up from the wooden board and shouted.

He pointed at Fei with a vicious yet proud expression on his face and yelled, “You are only the king of a little affiliated kingdom. How dare you challenge the Holy Church? You don’t even know how you will be killed! I swear! I will lock you and your henchmen up, and I will skin you all alive! Hahaha! Trust me! I have skinned 133 people, and my skills are great! I will make you beg! I will make you beg for death! Hahaha! I said that I will return what you did to me thousands time over! Hahaha……”

His tone was so vicious and chilly that the temperature around him dropped.

However, Fei only shrugged his shoulder.

“Hahaha, what? You scared now? It is too late! I said that you should have killed me! Hahaha! I said that you will regret not killing me! Hahahaha! It is too late!” Barton got even more proud after seeing Fei’s silence. “Hahahaha! Do you dare to kill me? Come on! Kill me! Haha! You don’t have the balls! Hahaha! Sad! Come on! Kill me! Kill me right now!”


A dash of silver sword energy flew across the air and pierced through Barton’s heart, creating a splash of blood.

“Eh…… Come on and kill me! You don’t dare to…… You…… You…… Ah?? You?…… You dare to kill me? You……”

Barton who was still provoking saw the flash of silver light and felt like his chest was a little cold.

He lowered his head and saw a huge hole in his chest. His heart was obliterated, and the life energy was leaving his body. He couldn’t believe it! He couldn’t believe that the King of Chambord really killed him in front of Bishop Boyd and many other members of the Holy Church.

An unprecedented fear and regret appeared in his mind, and his body fell back onto the wooden board after a scream. He was dead.

The atmosphere turned deadly and cold.

No one believed what they saw.

In the middle of the military camp, Fei moved back his arms and lightly blew on his middle finger that cast the silver sword energy. Then, he turned to Batistuta and laughed, “Right Deacon, you saw that too, right? He cried and yelled, asking me to kill him. This is the first time in my life that I heard such a weird request. Therefore, I had to satisfy him.”

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