Chapter 534: Please Come Again! (Part One)

Batistuta’s lips twitched. He didn’t know how to reply after hearing what Fei said.

Jessie and Alan who were drinking the tea instantly spat out the liquid in their mouths.

It didn’t matter when and where, killing the Vice-Bishop of a church in public was shocking. Even Batistuta thought that Fei would only punish Barton.

Who knew that Fei would be merciless enough to instantly kill Barton without any signs or indications.  There was no time for anyone to stop him.

However, the King of Chambord made it sound like Barton asked him to kill him.

It was true that Barton was mad and said things like ‘kill me now,’ everyone knew that he was trying to provoke the King and didn’t want to die. However…… At this moment, everyone had to admit that Barton was really unlucky, encountering a unique and strange opponent like the King of Chambord.

It was really unlucky.

Looking at the cold corpse that was lying on the wooden board, everyone except for the Chambordians felt a chill as if a blade was placed by their necks.

Everyone was shocked by this young king’s decisiveness, viciousness, and courage.

The members of the Holy Church were scared, especially those who thought they were saved and asked Boyd to execute the King of Chambord. At the moment, they were all trying to place their heads into their pants. They were afraid that the King of Chambord was going to look at them.

Even Vice-Bishop Barton was killed by the King easily! They were afraid that any sound they made would attract this Killing God’s attention and get them killed.

No one doubted the fact that this King was daring to kill the members of the Holy Church, including Bishop Boyd who was here to question and punish Fei.

At the moment, this man was still standing on the ladder, but the spilled blood droplets on his face terrified him. He felt like his own heart was pierced through, and that warm and wet sensation made him feel like the Grim Reaper just gave him a kiss. He felt like his brain couldn’t handle the situation anymore.

He only had the strength of Six-Star, and he clearly sensed the power hidden in the King of Chambord’s sword energy. His fat legs that were hidden under the robe were trembling already.

At the moment, Boyd had his mouth and eyes wide open as if he was a goldfish that was removed from the water, trying hard to breathe and survive.

“You…… King of Chambord…… Your Majesty, what you just did…… I…… The Holy Church needs an explanation……”

As the Bishop of a church that ruled over hundreds of thousands of followers, Boyd was never nervous in public. However, right now, he felt like even his obedient and respectful subordinates were looking at him funny. He stuttered and didn’t know what to say. He changed the way he addressed Fei several times and couldn’t put a complete sentence together.

Perhaps, the best option for him right now was to quickly go back to the church.

However, due to his identity as the ruler of the church, he had to say something to ease the situation and maintain his dignity.

The Vice-Bishop was killed by someone who wasn’t a part of the Holy Church. If he just left without saying anything, his reputation would be ruined.

However, Boyd felt more embarrassed and shamed after saying that.

The King of Chambord didn’t even look at him. Fei completely ignored Boyd as if this Bishop was worse than farts.

Sitting in the center of the camp, Fei laughed and said, “Since Black-Cloth Shrine wants to invite me to join, shouldn’t it show its attitude?”

He glanced at the members of the Holy Church who were terrified and continued, “Right Deacon, although Vice-Bishop Barton asked me to kill him, killing is something that is hard to explain. How about you take care of this matter for me?”

As soon as he said that, Jessie and Alan’s faces twitched.

They felt the impulse of grabbing Fei by the collar and giving him a few slaps.

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