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Hail the King Chapter 534.2

Chapter 534: Please Come Again! (Part Two)

“Since you know it would be complicated after killing a Vice-Bishop, why didn’t you hesitate at all before killing him? You want us to whip your butt after you killing Barton? Is there anything more shameless than this?” they thought.

As if he knew this was going to happen, Batistuta nodded calmly, stood up, and walked to Bishop Boyd who didn’t know what to do.

Although they weren’t in a superior and subordinate relationship, Batistuta was in a higher and more prestige level. Therefore, Boyd immediately got off the ladder and went over to say something.

After the short exchange, this Bishop’s expression changed.

He peeked at Fei and instantly looked away as if he saw something scary. With sweat all over his forehead, he thanked Batistuta dearly before getting on the magic carriage. With a relieved expression on his face, he shouted at the members of the church and was about to leave……

“Wait up,” Fei suddenly opened his mouth.

After hearing Fei’s voice, Boyd’s body shook visibly.

With a horrible smile on his face, Boyd turned around and looked at Fei respectfully. As his heart raced, he asked carefully, “Your Majesty…… Sir…… Eh, what is Your Highness’ order?”

Right now, Boyd was regretting his impulsive decision of coming here right after hearing the report from that person. He didn’t care about the Undead Magic and dragons anymore. At the moment, he only wanted to get away from this Killing God and save his own life.

“When you guys came in, you destroy the gate of my camp. Compensate another one,” Fei said as he pointed at the huge wooden gate that was busted open earlier.

“Yes…… Don’t worry, Sir! I…… Eh, I will bring back another gate that is brand-new and stronger. For sure, for sure……” Boyd nodded and agreed earnestly.

“Eh, also, you guys came in aggressively and scared my naïve soldiers and me. You have to pay back 10,000 gold coins for…… Eh, for mental damage and distress,” the King continued, “Also, your priests said that I’m a devil from hell and should be burned alive…… It is a vicious and shameless defamation case, and my mood is greatly affected by it. Therefore……”

“His Majesty is BSing again!” this thought appeared in all of the warriors and soldiers of Chambord’s heads.

“Of course…… I will go back and ask them to compensate. We will bring back 50,000 gold coins in total in less than one hour. If you think that carrying that many gold coins are too troublesome, we can save them in Soros’ Merchant Group and deliver the Crystal Magic Card to your place.” Boyd used his talent at observing others’ mood and quickly completed the sentence for Fei.

He was terrified of Fei, and he just wanted to leave this place as soon as he could. Paying out this much money was acceptable to him.

Fei nodded and said in a pleased tone, “Huh? You sure know what to do. Hahaha! You are invited to come back again! If you want to, you can smash open the door each time! As long as I’m getting compensated well enough, I don’t mind. Please come again!”

“Yes, thank you for the praise. I will come back again when there is time.”

Boyd quickly dashed into the magic carriage and asked the groom to move the horses. Then, his subordinates followed him and ran out of the camp quickly. At that moment, the members of the Holy Church hoped that they were born with more legs so that they could run faster. Even though they only had two legs at the moment, they weren’t slower than the carriage.

“Hey, please come again!”

Fei waved and shouted as if he wanted them to stay.

Bam! A few priests who weren’t out of the camp yet were so scared that their legs weakened, causing them to fall onto the ground.

“Hahahahaha!” the warriors and soldiers of Chambord all laughed.

“These b*stards of the Holy Church sure messed with the wrong person. How dare they want to rob the King? Are they trying to rub a dragon’s butt? The King would even want to pick the feather off of passing by gooses, let alone the corrupt members of the Holy Church. The Royal Family of Chambord could only take so much taxes; probably only more than 10,000 gold coins. How could that little money support the Chambord Kingdom that is being restructured?” they thought.

Ribry and the cavaliers were completely stunned.

“This situation ended like this? The members of the Holy Church who are reckless in Dual-Flags City are running away like dogs in front of King Alexander? What is happening……”

Fei’s image got more mysterious and more powerful in their heads.

“Ok, the guests are now gone. Let’s come back and talk about the important stuff.” Fei sat back down on his stone chair as he smiled and told the other three to be seated.

Beside them, the soldiers of Chambord were now cleaning and fixing the military camp calmly.

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