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Hail the King Chapter 535.1

Chapter 535: Backstory (Part One)

“It looks like Your Majesty has made the decision.” Batistuta smiled after sipping the tea.

“Eh, I have already thought most of the things through, and I have made some decisions,” Fei nodded with a serious expression on his face.

The sudden and mysterious conflict with Barton and Boyd reminded Fei of something, and it helped him to think about things that he didn’t pay attention to. He felt like it wasn’t as simple as it looked. For some reason, he felt like an invisible hand of the Holy Church already knitted a net and was waiting for him.

Perhaps it was due to the instinct of the Barbarian.

Therefore, Fei had to think about everything from a different perspective. In his mind, the invitation from Batistuta possessed risk but was also an opportunity. It didn’t matter which option Fei chose; he would be betting a lot.

“So, Your Majesty’s decision is……” Batistuta asked as he looked at Fei with hope. He was so focused and nervous that he didn’t even notice that the tea was pouring out of his tilted cup.

On the other side, Jessie and Alan also stopped their movements and waited for the response.

“My decision is……” Fei was about to say something before suddenly thinking of two people. He changed his mind and said, “I won’t make a decision just now. I will need half a month before giving you a firm answer.”

Before he could make the final decision, he had to inform and consult with Hazel Bank and Arthur. Although Black-Cloth Shrine had fallen, it still counted as a force within the Holy Church. The Holy Church and the Undead Shrine were mortal enemies, and the hatred between the two was deep. As an ally, Fei suddenly felt like he should consider and respect the Undead Mage and his Undead Bone Dragon’s feelings.

Therefore, before the Undead Mage could get out of the level 36 region in the Mythical Palace, Fei didn’t want to promise anything.

“This……” the disappointment on Batistuta’s face couldn’t be hidden. However, he knew that he couldn’t really force Fei to change his mind.

Jessie and Alan, on the other hand, were surprised. They thought that Fei would agree after all that, but who knew that the King changed what he was about to say at the last second. The gap between expectation and reality was huge, and they felt like their hearts fell down a cliff. Therefore, they were a little upset at how Fei continued to delay the matter.

“I just thought of something important, and I could only decide half a month.” Fei sensed the sincerity Batistuta expressed, so he explained patiently, “Don’t worry, Right Deacon. I’m not the type of person who would wait and try to increase my value through the passage of time. Also, I’m not the type of person who would promote myself to other shrines. If I do decide to join the Holy Church, I will go to Black-Cloth Shrine.”

Fei’s promise surprised Batistuta a little, and it also made him a little embarrassed.

For a moment, he thought that the King was planning to talk to other shrines to see if he could get more values and benefits before deciding on the best one.

Since everything was laid on the table, they chatted a little more before Batistuta, Jessie, and Alan left politely.


On the way back to the church in Dual-Flags City, Jessie couldn’t hold back his confusion and asked, “Sir, I’m very perplexed by the situation. I hope that your intelligence would help me get rid of this feeling.”

“Jessie, I think I already know what you want to ask.” A gentle smile appeared on this elder’s sharp face. It was apparent that this elder had a lot of faith in the young Priest.

“The King of Chambord is powerful, and he has a lot of potentials. In the future, he would probably become a powerful warrior. However, after days of observations, I feel like he isn’t a great leader. Please pardon my rude language. It is not that I want to insult my savior, but King Alexander doesn’t have any holy and majestic aura that is fit for the representative of the gods. Even a regular priest is better than him in this category. What he did to Boyd…… I think…… I think it is a blatant robbery.”

Jessie stated his opinion.

“You are right, my child. The King of Chambord doesn’t have the temperament and aura of previous [God’s Favorite Children] who end up becoming the Popes. In simple words, he is no different to a hooligan who just walked out of a market. He is a little greedy, a little sly, a little cruel, a little vicious, and a little murderous…… However, we don’t have another choice. If we miss out on the King of Chambord, I’m not sure if other [God’s Favorite Children] are willing to join Black-Cloth Shrine,” a helpless expression appeared on Batistuta’s face as he explained.

Young people like Jessie, who had never been through the fierce and cruel internal battles between shrines, couldn’t understand this expression.

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Blatant robbery? No, what that priest and bishop tried to do was blatant robbery. While Alexander did take money from them it is also a fact that they destroyed the gate

    • OG

      Yea kickoff Jessie….what the dual flags church was doing in the first place…..robbing Chambord dragons….
      What a (bad word)

      The church reminds me of governments

  2. SaDDisT

    Its a JACKPOT Right Deacon, so dont worry.

  3. shadowtrap2010

    Imagine a gangster joining politic… i don’t like you so fk debate, here the knuckle sandwich !!!

  4. He is a little greedy, a little sly, a little cruel, a little vicious, and a little murderous……

    That explains the church, most of them. It’s like pot calling the kettle black.

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