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Hail the King Chapter 535.2

Chapter 535: Backstory (Part Two)

“Actually……” Alan who had been silent for a long time suddenly spoke, “Perhaps the King of Chambord is the best alternative for Black-Cloth Shrine. If there is a [God’s Favorite Child] who could restore the honor and dignity of Black-Cloth Shrine, perhaps that person would be King Alexander.”

“Oh, you mean……” Batistuta’s eyes lit up as if he thought of something and had an epiphany.

If one wanted the break free from the current situation, changes must occur.

The first thing that needed to change was Black-Cloth Shrine itself.

An extraordinary and unique leader might bring the dying Black-Cloth Shrine a big surprise.

Batistuta suddenly felt like he and Jessie both underestimated this Alan who just joined the shrine. Although his peak Eight-Star strength wasn’t outstanding, his value lied somewhere else.


Inside the church in Dual-Flags City.

“Why is it like this? You did tell me that the King of Chambord is a [God’s Favorite Child]! Are you trying to kill me with his blade?”

In a secret room where many white lit candles were giving off a unique fragrance, Bishop Boyd tried hard to suppress his anger and asked the man in black in front of him with a roar-like tone.

If this mysterious priest in black didn’t have the token from an influential figure in the Holy Church who Boyd couldn’t mess with, the angry Bishop would have chopped this man in black, who asked him to cause trouble for Fei, into pieces and feed him to dogs.

“So according to what you said, Black-Cloth Shrine is already in contact with the King of Chambord? Could it be that the King of Chambord is the secret [God’s Favorite Child] of that shrine?” that man murmured. In the special-tailored robe, the 90% of this man’s face was covered by the hat that connected to the robe. Only his chin was visible in the dim candlelight.

His tone was calm, and it contained an indescribable power and chilliness.

It instantly cooled down Boyd who was in a state of rage.

He remembered that this mysterious priest wasn’t someone who he could mess with.

“Uh…… It might be. I saw one of the key figures in Black-Cloth Shrine, Right Deacon Batistuta, talking to the King intimately and respectfully.” Boyd instantly packed up his anger and turned back into the ‘dog’ that wiggled its tail and tried to make its master happy.

This was what Boyd was good at; he could quickly switch between his mood and attitude.

He knew when he should play dumb and weak.

“So, he isn’t an imposter? Could it be…… That I’m wrong?” the mysterious man murmured as if a question bothered him dearly. He then lightly shook his head and asked, “Did you see his fiancée named Angela?”

“The King of Chambord’s fiancée?” a weird expression appeared on Boyd’s face; he thought this messenger of that influential figure was fond of the girl named Angela. However, he didn’t say anything about that as he quickly replied, “When I went to the military camp, the close family members of the King of Chambord had left. Therefore, I didn’t see her.”

“Eh, send some smart people to monitor that girl’s movements,” the man in black said after some consideration.


As Boyd turned around and was about to leave, he thought of something and turned back around.

“There is something else that I should report to you. When I was in the military camp, Barton told me that the King of Chambord had possession of three creatures that are likely the legendary dragons……”

“Dragons?” the man in black was a little surprised. “This…… Any kinds of strange matter would occur around this guy. Investigate this matter and figure it out first. Don’t decide on your own.”

“As you wish. Also, the fact that the King of Chambord killed Vice-Bishop Barton…… You see…… In your opinion, how should I report this to the Bishop of Zenit?” a troubled expression appeared on Boyd’s face.

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  1. Blugill

    Damn these guy really want to keep poking his reverse scale

  2. PriMoiDan00

    Won’t everything be solve if he took Angela’s virginity???? Since she won’t be pure anymore.

    • OG

      Bring out the Eddie Murphy meme s

    • BlindinglyAcute

      That was my understanding as well, that a female with the Purest Crystal Soul has to remain a virgin or else it’s useless. Believe it was even mentioned in the early chapters. This is really the only one of the plots of this novel that I have an issue with because it seems so forced and retarded, like the author is grasping for something motivate to the MC and increase the hostility between Fei and the church. It honestly just comes off as an idiotic plot when literally all Fei has to do is sleep with Angela, especially when they both are madly in love. It’s not like it would be rape. I honestly hate every time the author brings this issue up.

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