Chapter 536: Path to Dogs (Part One)

“Just report the matter accurately to the Bishop in St. Petersburg. However, as a [God’s Favorite Child], the fact that the King of Chambord killed the Vice-Bishop of a city-level church who offended him is normal. It would be useless if you want to play around this matter. Even if someone reported this to the Bishop of the Northern Region Church, nothing would happen to him. Your Vice-Bishop died for nothing. Be careful in the future and don’t offend him anymore…… Hehe, he is way more daring than you could imagine!”

As if this man in black saw through Boyd’s mind, he replied calmly.

However, he thought of something and laughed after saying the last line, and Boyd felt a chill to his bones after hearing it.

“Yes…… I understand, I understand……”

A flattering smile appeared on Boyd’s face, then he turned around and left the secret room.

However, after he turned around, the flattering smile on his face turned into viciousness.

As a deadly light flashed in his eyes that were almost covered by fat, he thought, “Haha, fight! You are all big and influential figures, but a small character like me only need to instigate a little for you to start fighting like hungry dogs that saw a piece of meat. One of you guys will pay the price…… Hehehe, small characters have their own ways of revenge.”


After dealing with all the matters in the military camp, Fei returned to his new home.

It was almost sunset, and the aroma of the food on the dinner table made Fei really hungry. Ever since Angela woke up, she had been cooking for Fei personally. She had been making Fei’s most favorite dishes and waiting for Fei to come back.

Fei remembered that there was a famous quote on Earth: the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Although the King wasn’t sure if Angela heard of this quote before, what she was doing was following this principle.

Angela was quite talented in this area.

She figured out Fei’s favorite food and what flavor he liked. Also, she memorized the recipes Fei mentioned when they were chilling, and she tried and recreated the dishes from Earth.

Whenever Fei spent time with Angela, he would feel a calmness and peacefulness in his soul.

This was one of the reasons why Fei loved this girl.

Although Fei was now a level 2 noble of Zenit and Chambord was now a level 1 affiliated Kingdom, nothing changed on the dining table compared to when they were at the bottom.

Emma and the four maids would eat with the King and the future Queen at the dining table. The King’s fascinating stories and out-of-the-box theories would always make them laugh.

“Alexander, are you going to continue and tell us the story about Jing and Rong?” Emma asked with her eyes wide open.

Powerful masters dominated the Azeroth Continent, so everyone dreamed of becoming one of them. Therefore, after Fei told them a portion of the traditional Wuxia Novel, Legends of the Condor Heroes, the girls all fell in love with the story.

“Ok. I can continue on that……” Fei and Angela looked at each other and smiled.

A series of gasps and laughter sounded in the dining room, and the time after dinner was warm and intimate. Fei felt very joyous and at-home.

Although Fei held prestigious status after he came to this world, he never had a day off. He had to battle and survive in the real world, and he had to fight and level up in Diablo World. His schedule was filled day and night, and he only had limited time to sleep. Although getting more powerful was exciting and thrilling, going at it so hard for so long would even collapse a man made from iron.

Therefore, eating dinner with these pure and cute girls was his rare off time.

Usually, Fei would summon Elena out of Diablo World so that they could enjoy dinner together. However, Elena was pulled back into Diablo World and couldn’t leave just yet.


A series of mystic roars sounded followed by heavy footsteps.

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