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Hail the King Chapter 536.2

Chapter 536: Path to Dogs (Part Two)

Thug, Chick, and Hooligan wandered into the yard, and they looked around with their big eyes. After they quickly glanced around, their eyes locked onto the barbecued meat on the table. Even Hooligan who usually acted cool drooled; it was obvious that it wanted to eat the meat.

Fortunately, the three creatures were intelligent; they didn’t rush up and try to eat the food on the table. Instead, they opened their big eyes, stuck out their tongues, and wiggled their tails, waiting for Fei and Angela’s permissions.

“Damn it! These three creatures learned Blacky’s signature move! They are on the paths to dogs!”

Fei scratched his head and laughed. The three creatures probably stayed with Blacky for too long and picked up Blacky’s habit when it was overly-excited. At the moment, the three creatures looked just like puppies that wanted pettings.

However, the three creatures were way too cute! Even Fei wanted to play with them, let alone the girls! Soon, more than three-quarter of the food on the table got in the three creatures’ stomach.

“Hahaha! Let’s have a grand barbeque!” Fei ordered the servants to prepare a ton of fresh meat, and he put a few pieces onto his sword. Then, he called over Thug and said, “Come on, roast this for me……”


Thug rushed over, raised its head, and opened its mouth excitedly. After the smell of sulfur appeared, it spat out a large flame.


The raw meat on the sword turned black, and this sharp sword soon melted back into the liquid form. It landed on the ground, created a bunch of smokes and some deep marks on the tile, and disappeared.

Such terrifying flame!

Fei’s face instantly turned green.

Angela and the girls covered their mouths as they giggled. The soldiers who were busy putting the meat on the metal sticks also laughed.

Thug patted its own head with its front legs and lowered its head, embarrassed. Chick ran over and patted Thug’s head as well as it said something. It felt like it was blaming its brother. Hooligan, on the other hand, covered its eyes from its claws as if it wanted to tell others that it didn’t know Thug.

The animated performances of the three creatures made everyone laugh, but the King remembered this scene.

He felt like these three creatures were unique from the beginning. The fire that Thug spat could melt any metal armor and weapon, and the chilly air that Chick spat could freeze anyone. Although Hooligan couldn’t spat anything like the other two, its body was extremely firm. Sharp blades couldn’t even leave a white mark on its body.

They were still young. Who would know how powerful they would get after they mature.

“I need to figure out their origins and bloodlines. Otherwise, others will get greedy. Like Vice-Bishop Barton…… It seems like he knew what these three creatures are. Too bad…… I should at least arrest him and get the information first……”


After dinner, Angela and the girls took the three creatures and Blacky for a walk in the city.

Fei was preparing to go check up on Death Ancient City when a guard came in. This guard reported that a priest from the Holy Church was here with a purple Magic Crystal Card. Bishop Boyd had saved 50,000 gold coins in Soros’ Merchant Group, and this was the identification card.

Fei asked [Fallen Princess] Victoria to deal with this matter.

This girl who was a bit lazy and a bit greedy was now already a big part of Chambord. She was extremely sensitive to money and finances, so she was in charge of organizing all the money and supplies of Chambord. She never made a mistake, and the logistics department of [Wolf Teeth Legion] got even more efficient.

Fei got out of Dual-Flags City quietly.

He was already a mid-tier Half Moon Elite and a powerful master. After going through the challenges of nature, he could utilize the natural laws in this world and could stand in mid-air. As the pair of wings made from 108 silver sword energies appeared on his back, it fluttered, and Fei turned into a dash of light and disappeared into the sky.

Except for the Undead Bone Dragon who was probably drunk somewhere in a pub, no one else could sense Fei’s departure.

[Silver-Armored Vicious Sword] Reyes and [Magic Princess] Cindy were the two who guarded this city. Alongside them, there were close to 20,000 soldiers of [Wolf Teeth Legion].

Most of the supplies of [Wolf Teeth Legion] were also stored within this quiet and deadly ancient city.

Fei hasn’t been back for more than ten days, so Fei didn’t reveal himself instantly. Instead, he hid somewhere and observed quietly. With his strength, no one in this city was able to discover him.

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