Chapter 537: Return – Death Ancient City (Part One)

After quietly walking around the military camp, Fei realized that the situation was a lot better than he thought. The atmosphere in the city was solemn.

Although the troop inside Death Ancient City didn’t go through battles and were protected by the red Quicksand Moat and Berserk Metal-Eating Ants, the soldiers and commanders were still patrolling the city according to Strategist Old Aryang’s plan.

The [Wolf Teeth Legion] was comprised of soldiers and warriors from a variety of affiliated kingdoms, and Fei didn’t have high hopes for them. The fact that they were operating on this level already met the king’s expectations.

After circling the city, Fei quietly went to the main stone palace in the center.

This was the temporary command center for the troop.

The young noblemen and kings of affiliated kingdoms who decided to join Fei’s legion were all situated in this palace.

Both Cindy and Reyes, who were the Head Commander and the Deputy Commander respectively, were also living here.

Fei flew by one side of the palace and suddenly discovered something. Through a window, he saw an orange light illuminating a room.

This was Cindy’s room.

Cindy’s long silver hair was smooth and resting on her shoulders. Without the battle armor and the magic robe, she lost that cold and noble presence she had when she was on the battlefield. Instead, she looked like a girl from next-door in her white pajamas.

Her white and smooth shoulders were revealed, and her beautiful feet look like they were made from jade. At the moment, she gave off a refreshing feel as she sat in front of a stone table on a soft and white rug.

It was a beautiful scene.

The girl’s smooth hands were cupping her white chin, and she looked like she was troubled by something.

In front of her, there was a small light-blue scroll placed on the table. There was a faint magic energy surge on it.

It was a Random Teleportation Scroll that Fei gave her last time, and the scroll was the product of ‘Akara and Cain Laboratory.’

Anyone could use this scroll and teleport themselves to a random location within ten kilometers. Fei was worried that masters of Jax might come here and sneak-attack, so he gave Cindy and Reyes each a scroll.

As this Magic Princess stared at the scroll, she sometimes looked happy, sometimes looked helpless, and sometimes looked sad. After various emotions appeared on her face, all of them merged and combined into a little melancholy.

This made Fei feel like she was a kite that was being pulled by an invisible string, wanting to make the leap of faith but couldn’t.

“This Magic Princess is a girl with stories. She is so young, but she is already a powerful genius among the affiliated kingdoms in Zenit. If she could get instructed by a good master, her achievements in term of magic would be envious by others.”

Fei soon left after staying there for a while.

Although Fei wasn’t someone with high morals, he felt a little guilty peeking at a girl, especially when this girl was his subordinate.

“Hu! Ha!”

A series of shouts sounded from the practice ground to the right of the palace, and a metal-elemental warrior energy surge appeared.

Fei landed on the practice ground quietly, and he saw Reyes, who was in a fancy white robe, practicing his combat technique.

This young man who had to keep up his image during practice was holding onto the [No Name Sword], and sweat wetted his long hair and stuck them to the sides of his face.

As sharp metal-elemental warrior energy shot out, they traveled through the air and left dashes of sword marks on the ground.

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