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Hail the King Chapter 538.1

Chapter 538: The Huge Change in Zenit (Part One)

Ever since Zolasc and Modric founded Chambord’s Intelligence Agency, the Letter Office, they had sent Fei a ton of secret letters. However, this was Fei’s first time seeing a letter with the red wax seal on it.

It meant that something super important occurred.

Fei quickly opened the letter and read it carefully.

Soon, he finished reading it, and he exhaled deeply with a serious expression on his face.

“Damn! Zenit’s God of War…… Andrew Arshavin…… It looks like I underestimated you…… After the initial test battles, you were able to completely obliterate the forces of Spartax and conquer and destroy a level 1 Empire. Such power…… Such dominance…… A man like you does deserve the title of ‘God of War.’”

This letter talked about the changes in the war in the southern regions of Zenit.

Although the words were simple, Fei was able to sense the drastic change that occurred in the region far from where he was. Also, he sensed Zenit’s God of War’s terrifying calculations and decisiveness.

There were only a few thousand words on the letter, but they perfectly described the horrifying scene where blood stained thousands of square kilometers of land and Arshavin’s dominating presence as the Head Commander.

Fei remembered that the Elder Prince went to the southern region of Zenit to defend against the invaders. With everyone’s hope on him, he did win a few crucial battles earlier on and calmed people down.

But in the next while, there were many small battles that were insignificant. There were wins and losses, but Zenit wasn’t in the advantage. Therefore, in the people’s eyes, this God of War already lost his sharpness and aggressiveness.

The higher the expectation, the higher the disappointment.

Recently, the situation happening in St. Petersburg was chaotic. Since rumors stated that Emperor Yassin was on the verge of death, many people jumped out and tried to bend the situation in their favor. A lot of ministers wrote reports and advised Emperor Yassin to take away Arshavin’s position as the Head Commander in the southern regions. It was heard that these letters and reports stacked on the tables of Emperor Yassin’s office and the Military Headquarter.

There were a lot of people hoping that Arshavin would fall, and a lot of people were gloating over the Elder Prince’s bad luck.

It was imaginable that if it weren’t for Elder Princess Tanasha who stayed in St. Petersburg and took care of all these matters, Arshavin might not have the time to plan out and execute this huge victory.

However, everything changed now.

Elder Prince Arshavin suddenly launched an attack after more than half a month of waiting and concentrating control. His troops instantly defeated more than 100,000 soldiers of Spartax and beheaded more than 60,000 of them in the battle.

After that, like a landslide, the momentum got carried forward.

In just two days, Zenit’s God of War, Arshavin, led the elite soldiers of his [Iron Blood Legion] and 50,000 elite cavaliers of Zenit into the territory of Spartax. They traveled more than 1,000 kilometers, conquered the Capital of the Spartax Empire, and wiped out the royal family of Spartax.

In this war, they captured more than 10,000 noblemen and royal members of Spartax, and Arshavin brought doom to the old nemesis of Zenit, the Spartax Empire.

This was a glorious victory. It would be recorded in history books as one of the most brilliant wars that Zenit had ever fought.

Andrew Arshavin would be admired and looked up to by a lot more citizens of Zenit as well.

It was predictable that Arshavin was now at an advantage in the battle for the throne after this victory. Compared with him, Second Prince Dominguez, who didn’t get a chance to lead troops and earn military merits, was already at a huge disadvantage.

At this moment, Fei suddenly felt like he had underestimated this Zenit’s God of War just like a lot of other people.

Of course, since Fei’s strength increased a lot, and Arshavin was only a Six-Star Warrior, he didn’t see this elder prince as a potential threat. However, this huge victory Arshavin got alarmed Fei and made him see this elder prince as a powerful opponent.

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  1. Draghnof

    ………… Can you said me why Zenith is only a tier 1 Empire? Because without Krasic, Yassin and the 2 Guards I don’t think Arshavin could have defeated the moon class Elite of Spartax (and even more defeating the Royal Family because up to now all Emperors seen were very powerful warriors) without other powerful moon class elites of Zenit (When facing absolute power, even strategies are useless)

    • OG

      Yea seriously.

      Or they were all in the mystical palace… Not around to defend…

      Speaking of which… It is sereptitiious he got assigned to a base directly at a once every 30 years event happening….

  2. bananaisblue

    Indeed. The whole situation is very weird. It’s like the whole Zenit Empire structure is just a facade to cover the real Zenit Empire. Like that deceased martial saint who was very weak. Even his disciples are weak. Unlike Snow Mountain who had several moon elites.

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