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Hail the King Chapter 539.1

Chapter 539: Mad Scientists’ Laboratory (Part One)

If Old Aryang brought this up a few days ago, Fei would have agreed to it and approved the plan.

The Strategist’s plan made sense.  At the moment, Zenit had soldiers in Dual-Flags City and Death Ancient City, and Fei was a mighty warrior. The Zenit Empire was at an advantage, and it could quickly destroy the troops of Jax when Fairenton wasn’t around.

This was a perfect opportunity to gain a ton of military merits.

However, Fei had been to the level 36 region in the Mythical Palace and met Emperor Yassin and that ‘Royal Master of Jax.’ He felt the chemistry between them, and he felt like a huge secret was hidden behind what was going on.

The Zenit Empire and the Jax Empire didn’t have a simple hostile relationship, and the hidden forces that the royal family of Jax had were beyond the level of Spartax and Eindhoven.

When the war between Zenit and Jax was announced, Emperor Yassin went against all objections and chose Fei, who had no experience, to led [Wolf Teeth Legion] that was comprised of people from all sorts of affiliated kingdoms, which lacked high combat abilities. On the other side, Emperor Fuji of Jax chose Prince Fairenton, a prince who had never led troops, as the Head Commander. Perhaps there was a huge mystery hidden here.

Therefore, the war in the Jax Battle Zone was a lot more complicated compared with the wars in the Eindhoven Battle Zone and the Spartax Battle Zone.

Like a huge underwater swirl, it was waiting for the perfect opportunity to showcase itself.

The sharp intuition of the Nightmare Mode level 43 Barbarian told Fei that it wasn’t the best time to initiate the attack. At the moment, fighting was the dumbest option.

Therefore, he decided to wait and see.

Although they didn’t understand why the king made such a decision, the warriors of Chambord and Old Aryang stopped discussing and obeyed the order.

After they went away, Fei thought for a while before going into Diablo World.


It was raining.

After three hours, Fei finished helping Elena going through all the locations in the map, [Rogue Encampment], to kill monsters.

Elena’s strength increased drastically and was now on the Nightmare Mode level 17.

It was an elevation speed that most of the masters on the Azeroth Continent had to be envious about. She was already equivalent to a level 7 mid-tier New Moon Elite, and she was a few days away from becoming a Half Moon Elite.

However, since Elena was a Magic Archer who had high damage but low defense, Fei recommended her to balance everything out. One-third of the skills points were put into Paladin Skills such as [Prayer] that would help with healing and recovery.

Once Elena could leave Diablo World again, she would be able to go back to the real world and detect the natural laws. After going through the challenges posed by nature, she would become a real Moon-Class Elite.

After completing the first map in the Nightmare Mode with Elena, they didn’t go to [Lut Gholein]. Instead, they went to Akara and Cain’s Laboratory.

For a while now, the mysterious stone room that Fei discovered in the underground cave in Blood-Edge Mercenary Group’s Headquarter had become Akara and Cain’s magic laboratory.

This stone room that was created in the void by mysterious runes had strong stability. The runes on the walls would greatly suppress any magic energy or warrior energy that entered this room, making theses energies more concentrated and clearer; it was a lot easier for the two mad scientists to observe and study them. In addition, this place was well hidden; no one else knew where it was.

It was the perfect location for a laboratory.

“You damn kid is finally back! This time, you can finally tell us what happened, right? I’m been waiting……”

As soon as he saw Fei, Cain dropped what he was working on and hopped over, even though he might be a bit too old for vigorous activities like that. He was only one step away from grabbing Fei by the neck and shaking him.

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