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Hail the King Chapter 540.1

Chapter 540: Long-Distance Teleportation Station (Part One)

After hearing what Fei said, they both gasped and grabbed onto an armrest each to study.

There were magic runes engraved on each armrest, and they looked like the product of grandmasters. Each of the engravings followed the natural texture of the throne, and they were well hidden as if they were a natural part of the throne. Unless a master carefully studied the armrests, he or she wouldn’t be able to discover them.

“What kind of runes are these” Cain exclaimed, “I have never seen these before! I couldn’t understand the principles behind them…… Simple magic principles couldn’t explain some of the magic engravings. They are different from the magic structure in Diablo World and the real world!”

Akara frowned and added, “Just like the material of this throne, these runes aren’t even recorded in books…… They are similar to the runes in this stone room but more advanced…… Could they be……”

“Could it be that they are the legendary godly runes?”

As if the two mad scientists thought of something, they both yelled with excitement on their faces. Their old bodies even started to shake.

Godly runes!

They were the writings of the real gods!

It was heard that anyone who understood and comprehended the godly runes would be able to create, alter, and change the natural laws in the world! They could even create a new species if they wanted to! If an average person learned the godly runes, he or she would be able to battle against ultimate masters!

The two mad scientists entered a berserk mode. They found a pen and a board to record down the runes in details.

These two held a sacred attitude toward magic.

Their hands that were shivered a moment ago were now stable and controlled as soon as they grabbed onto the pen and the carving knife. They looked like warriors who were holding onto their weapons before a huge battle. As they started to record down the runes, a slight energy surge could be sensed on them.

Although the runes on the armrests were smaller than the size of two palms, they were extremely complex, and there were a ton of magic engravings contained in them. Although Akara and Cain could be considered as masters in this field, they had to be careful and pay a lot of attention to what they were doing.

Fei observed them for a while and found it boring.

After yawning, he started to wander around the stone room.

Compared with before, this stone room was completely reorganized. All the random stuff in the room was placed in a corner, and 16 huge bookshelves were placed by the wall in the south. There were more than 1,000 books in these two mad scientists’ collections, and [Demon King’s Wisdom] was placed at an eye-catching spot.

Three meters to these bookshelves, there was a strangely-shaped station.

The busty beauty, Charsi, created this station, and Fei had a lot of inputs in it as well. He borrowed some concepts from his previous world and gave this station more than 20 tabletops that were of various sizes. On the tabletops, there were all kinds of bottles and jars giving off unique and weird smells.

This station occupied about one-fourth the area of the stone room.

The golden skeleton that also came with the room occupied another one-fourth of the room.

This skeleton was untouchable! Fei couldn’t get within ten meters of it, so he could only stand there and watch it.

Other than that, there was also another small room built within the stone room. It was made from [Black Stone Essences] and [Demons’ Remains]. It was sturdy and durable, and it was the testing room for a lot of dangerous experiments.

This stone room was divided into many functional areas, and it looked very scientific. All in all, it was a perfect laboratory.

“Huh? What is that?”

Fei’s eyes suddenly focused on a small stone plate that had a diameter of two meters and a thickness of 30 centimeters.

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