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Hail the King Chapter 541.1

Chapter 541: New Discovery (Part One)

In these few days, Fei spent a lot of time in both the real world and Diablo World, accompanying Angela and Elena.

After this dangerous experience, Fei thought through a lot of stuff.

He was no longer solely focused on chasing after the elevation in strength. Instead, he also paid more attention to the people around him.

Of course, the king didn’t just slack off.

As he was spending time with Elena and killing monsters in Diablo World casually, his level increased as well. The two of them got even closer, and they got their seamless coordination back.

Right now, they already finished the third quest [The Tainted Sun] in the second map [Lut Gholein]. The Barbarian was now Nightmare Mode level 46, and Elena was now Nightmare Mode level 27. Both of them experienced an increase in strength.

Except for leveling up in Diablo World, Fei put a lot of effort into reading [Demon King’s Sword].

This book was just like an encyclopedia of cultivation and techniques from the ancient times. It contained the powerful techniques that were either lost and partial on the continent. Some of them are Moon-Class and Sun-Class Techniques, and there were a few Legendary and Mythical Techniques.

To Fei’s surprise, there were some techniques suitable for him! It was beyond his understanding of the cultivation and technique structure on Azeroth Continent.

His strength originated from Diablo World. His most powerful character, the barbarian, had little magic energy, and 99% of his power was physical strength.

After Fei learned granular control from Martial Saint Krasic, he was able to use the physical strength in a magical way. He was able to exert his physical strength to the area around him and create tangible stuff. It was not too different from warrior energy.

However, it was still different from warrior energy, and he couldn’t use the combat techniques in this world.

Fei tried to cultivate warrior energy before, but it seemed like his body was a little defective and couldn’t store warrior energy and form star swirls.

If it were for Diablo World, Fei would be a useless person in this world that was ruled by the law of the jungle.

Therefore, Fei was surprised to find techniques that were based on insane physical strength and could be used by him.

After reading a bit more, he was surprised again.

In the book, he discovered a unique technique of using physical strength. It allowed Fei to mimic warrior energy and use high-level combat techniques that otherwise could only be powered by warrior energy.

It reminded Fei of the traditional wuxia novel named ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ by Jin Yong. In the book, a master was able to use a technique to mimic the internal force of Shaolin Temple and use the unique techniques of Shalin Temple.

To Fei, if he were able to master this technique, he would be able to use 90% of the combat techniques recorded on [Demon King’s Sword] and on Azeroth Continent.

To Fei who had the golden finger, Diablo World, he had a lot of time to study and learn the technique.

Thinking about how he could learn his enemies’ techniques in battle and defeat them with it, giving them a taste of their own medicine, the king was extremely motivated.

“Such a showy scene!” the king thought. It was one of the driving forces behind the effort he put into studying [Demon King’s Sword].


Three days later, Fei received another letter from the Letter Office in the afternoon.

In the letter, it mentioned that Arshavin, Zenit’s God of War, didn’t stop after conquering the Spartax Empire. Instead, he led 50,000 elite cavaliers and his own [Iron Blood Legion] toward the Eindhoven Battle Zone.

In just two days, Arshavin led the troops and traveled for more than 500 kilometers, killed 70,000 enemies, conquered seven cities, defeated the four main battle legions of Eindhoven, and kill more than 20 royal masters and legion commanders of Eindhoven. Then, he combined forces with the troops of Zenit already in the region and surrounded the Capital of Eindhoven. It wouldn’t take long for the city to be conquered.

Once the Capital of Eindhoven was conquered, the Eindhoven Empire would be wiped out.

Fei was shocked again.

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  1. SaDDisT

    How in the world did he do that. A star warrior (with his troops), fighting an empire with atleast 5 moon class or below. Its impossible that the 4 secret moon class of Zenith are accompanying him.

  2. Leon

    U shocked by that? I more shocked how his army travel 250km per day and still hv strength to fight n kill 70000 strong army and conquered several city.
    Sometime the author want it tk be epic but it feel too exxagerated

    • jin

      250km a day by foot/horse might be much for mortals, but you clearly forgot that they are much stronger than normal humans. They can easily march 25 km/hour without problem

  3. Buhri

    But there are not a lot of ppl that are star masters on the army… And the enemy army should be much bigger and have much more powerhouses

  4. earthshaker34

    yea… even julius ceasar could make his troops travel 120km a day under force march…

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