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Hail the King Chapter 542.1

Chapter 542: Practice and Little Raccoon (Part One)

“Huh? Interesting. I’m the prey now?”

Fei sneered; he didn’t expect that people would want to rob him.

It was clear that these people wanted to kill him first before robbing all the treasures from his storage ring. They probably didn’t know what was in his ring, but they would rather kill him and find out than let him go. It was their habit.

The king didn’t have any warrior energy surge or magic energy surge on him, so these people probably thought that he was a weak person.

Fei sneered but didn’t do anything strange. He walked toward the outskirts of the area slowly.

As he expected, those murderous spirits moved slowly and followed him tightly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Before he could walk out of the level 34 region, four people dashed out of an alleyway and blocked Fei’s way.

These four people were dressed in a similar fashion. They were all wearing black inner shirts with white light armors on top. Even though they were of different heights, they all had dense murderous spirits. It was clear that they just killed someone earlier.

Also, they weren’t wearing any masks; it seemed like they were confident in their abilities and thought that they didn’t need to hide their identities.

“Kill him!” One of them shouted, “The treasure-seeking beast reacted! He has great treasures on him!”

This man was thin, and his hair was white. Greed flashed in his tiny eyes, and he had a small golden cage in his hand. In the cage, there was a raccoon-like creature. This little guy had big eyes, and it looked anxious and worried. It squeaked loudly, looking like it was fearful of the person who was holding the cage.

According to what this man said, this raccoon-like creature was a unique beast that was sensitive to treasures. It was quite interesting.

After hearing this man’s order, the other three people revealed their weapons. They dashed toward Fei like lightning bolts and sneered.

These three people were all mid-tier New Moon Elites, and they were influential figures in the outside world. In addition, it seemed like they were able to coordinate quite well. They moved in a pattern and blocked off all of Fei’s possible escape routes.

“Hahaha! Since you have treasures on you, then die! Wind Strike!”

The person who attacked Fei first was holding a huge sword that was more than two and a half meters long and half a meter wide with both hands. It looked heavy like an iron plate.

However, in this man’s hands, this sword was swung around easily. As he chopped down, the body of the blade left a series of afterimages in the air, and his body started to spin because of the momentum of the sword. He dashed at Fei like a bladestorm.

This was a powerful high-level Moon-Class Technique.

The sword was like a whirlwind, turning around and becoming more powerful after each rotation.

This man used his Moon-Class Combat Technique right off the bat, meaning that he wanted to end this battle as soon as he could. At the same time, a casual expression appeared on his face, showing others that he was at ease. In fact, his other three peers didn’t follow up with more attacks. It was clear that they didn’t think Fei, who had no energy surge on him, could pose threats to them.

Fei moved aside and staggered; it looked like he dodged the first attack by luck. At the same time, he asked them, “Are the people around the [Elemental Altar] killed by you guys?”

“Hahaha! Kid, you are going to die soon! Why are you worried about those dead people? You are right; I killed three of them…… You will be the fourth!”

Since the Wind Strike was initiated, it wouldn’t stop in a short time. As this man sneered, his huge sword swung faster and faster in the air, drawing a series of red lines in the space around him. The energy coming off the blade was powerful, and the momentum was great as well. It looked like Fei was going to be chopped by this sword very soon.

“Humph! Since that is the case, then die!”

After experiencing the incident caused by the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group, Fei hated bandits who killed people and robbed their properties. Therefore, he wasn’t going to hold back after learning about what happened.

He unleashed his insane physical strength! He stomped on the ground, and two huge spider-web-like cracks appeared. Then, his body turned into a series of phantoms that were hard to catch with the human eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


When the sword shredded the last phantom, the Wind Strike finally slowed down before stopping. The crazy wind created by it slowly disappeared, and the huge sword stabbed into the ground and shook violently.

Not sure when, but Fei was already inside the inner circle created by this strike, and one of his hands was on this attacker’s neck as if he was holding up a chicken.

Although this man was muscular, he couldn’t do anything. He felt like the hand around his neck was a metal clench, locking him down with indefensible power! In his eyes, Fei would see fear and regret.


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